Survivor Blood vs Water Finale: Who Wins Survivor 27?

On the Survivor Blood vs Water 2013 finale tonight, one castaway will finally be crowned as the winner after 39 grueling days and walk away with a cool million dollars. Although there have been spoilers galore about who won Survivor 27, we won’t believe them until the final Tribal Council is concluded. Mostly because we really don’t want those spoilers to be true!

Survivor Blood vs Water finale - Source: CBS
Survivor Blood vs Water finale – Source: CBS

Unfortunately, as it stands now, it looks like the writing is already pretty much on the wall about who wins Survivor 2013 Blood vs Water tonight. We have no doubt that Gervase Peterson, Tyson Apostol, and Monica Culpepper will end up as the final three when it comes time for the last Tribal Council. Ciera is the odd girl out and no matter who comes back from Redemption Island, they aren’t going to be able to break up that power of three alliance. This is totally consistent with the Survivor spoilers from way back in October about who would end up as the last three castaways.

If Gervase, Tyson, and Monica really are the final three as it was leaked months ago that they would be, then it stands to reason that the Survivor spoilers about Tyson being the castaway who comes out on top are probably also true. We are not so happy about it if he really does end up as the Survivor Blood vs Water winner.

(Survivor 2013 finale photos! Click the thumbnails for lager pics. Source: CBS.)

Tyson has played the game hard, there is no denying that. We just haven’t much liked his tactics, especially when he has bullied and manipulated the other castaways into getting what he wants. However, that is kind of the nature of the game if you want to be the one who won Survivor in the end. Nice guys and gals usually don’t walk away with the million dollars, as much as you like rooting for them to win.

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  1. I am team Tyson all the way. He came to play the and did…who can fault him for that? Monica and Gervase each played a coat tail riding game and alliance strong, with Tyson being the glue. Monica did win a lot of immunity challenges and I think the bleeding heart jury may choose her to win. Why? because everyone is pissed at Tyson for playing the game, they should have and are bitter.

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