Survivor Blood vs Water Spoilers: Who Goes Home in Week 12?

We are quickly headed toward the Survivor Blood vs Water finale and tonight we’ll be down to the final eight after the next castaway gets the boot. We’re looking forward to seeing who went home on Survivor 2013 in week 12, but we’re really excited about all the drama we hear is in store for us tonight. According to Survivor spoilers for this week, Tribal Council is going to be crazy fun when we find out who got voted off Survivor 27 in this round!

Survivor Blood vs Water Episode 12 - Source: CBS
Survivor Blood vs Water Episode 12 – Source: CBS

As usual, we scoured our sources for clues about what will happen on tonight’s show. CBS has been keeping the Survivor Blood vs Water spoilers locked up tight this year. We did find some rather shaky sources that have been accurate now and then throughout the season and several that agreed on the week 12 elimination and Tribal Vote. So we’re going to make our predictions about the Survivor results tonight based on those and the current state of the game.

Over on Redemption Island right now, we have Laura M., Tina, and Caleb left to battle it out for survival and a chance to get back into the game very soon. Most of the Survivor spoilers out there for this season seem to agree that Laura M. will make it past this week. So we’re assuming she will be safe. As for the other two, we are leaning toward Caleb being the one who goes home on Survivor Blood vs Water in this episode. We wouldn’t bet much money on it, but that seems to be the way the majority of spoilers out there are leaning.

Moving on to the Tribal Council. Right now the newbies and the veterans are currently tied three versus three and it looks like a possible tie vote this evening. If that happens, the rocks will be coming out and all hell is going to break loose with the remaining Survivor Blood vs Water cast. From what we’ve found out there about this week’s episode, that’s very likely what is going to happen. Who will be the unlucky victim who was voted off Survivor 2013 as a result? Well, we hear it is going to be either Katie or Ciera who is off next to Redemption Island — and most likely it will be Katie.

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