Survivor: One World Episode 9 ‘Go Out With a Bang’ Preview (VIDEO)

This week on Survivor: One World episode 9 “Go Out With a Bang,” there are only 10 players remaining and the drama is getting hotter every week! Well, thankfully, this week’s challenge should cool off those tempers a bit!

The teaser from CBS for this week’s “Go Out With a Bang” episode says: Temptation is sweet for ravenous tribe members vying for individual immunity, and rumors of a hidden immunity idol send Tikiano into a tailspin as they head into Tribal Council.”

As we go into Survivor: One World episode 9, the ladies are currently in control and the men are in it up to their necks. If they don’t get it together fast, the women are going to pound them into the dirt one by one. I’m in some serious doubt these guys can dig themselves out of the hole at this point, but from the previews it looks like they may be starting to figure out they need to make some serious strategy changes.

The remaining players will battle it out for immunity in a community challenge titled “When It Rains It Pours” — one we’ve seen before but is always fun to watch. Each contestant has to balance on a tiny block with one arm raised overhead. Their wrist is attached with a velcro handcuff to a huge container of colored watery paint. Those who step off their block or lower their arm get the whole wet mess dumped on their head. Whoever manages to endure and ends up the winner will receive immunity.

We can at least hope getting doused with all that water will calm some of them down, release some of that tension and let them think with clearer heads!

Survivor: One World airs Wednesday night at 9 pm ET/PT.

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