Survivor: One World Episode 9 Recap – Who Went Out With A Bang? (VIDEO)

On Survivor: One World episode 9 this week, CBS teased fans with a provocative title for the show on Wednesday night, but left it up to our imagination who would “Go Out With a Bang” in the elimination this week.


Please stop here if you do not want to know what happened on Survivor: One World episode 9 on Wednesday night!

Wednesday night’s episode of Survivor: One World opened with a focus on the aftermath of the Tribal Council. The drama is off to a quick start as Tarzan gets with Troyzan to discuss the girls being in power and gunning to take the guys out one by one. The men’s team is a mess and they have to get it together if they have any hope. Troyzan thinks the men need to find the immunity idol so they can make it an even fight.

Troyzan, of course, has the immunity idol already, but he isn’t telling Tarzan about that yet. He doesn’t know exactly who he can trust and thinks the ladies may be lying to him. So he wants to be able to make a move if he feels he has to.

The survivors get a tree mail that says not to open it until all the tribe members are together. The mail reveals they will be competing in a do-it-yourself reward challenge. The winners will be gifted with a barbecue on a secluded island. After a draw to pick teams, the red team of Alisha, Kat, Jay, Tarzan and Troyzan win the boat ride to the island and the barbeque.

In the immunity challenge, the contestants are asked to compete in a classic Survivor contest titled “When It Rains It Pours.” The survivors have to stand on tiny little rectangles with one arm raised over their head and attached to a huge container of colored paint water. When they can’t take it anymore and lose their balance or drop their arm, they are out — and get all that nasty liquid dumped right on their heads. Whoever wins gets immunity.

During the immunity challenge, host Jeff Probst offers up tasty goodies for anyone who will give up. When he offers up cookies and milk, Sabrina decides to take the offer. When he offers up cupcakes, Kim and Kat quit. Alicia also decides to give up when Jeff offers up a bowl of candy and chocolate. That leaves Leif, Jay, Troyzan and Chelsea to battle it out. Unfortunately Troyzan wobbles and steps off his block, losing and getting doused.

The next temptation is just downright cruel when Jeff offers up chicken wings and beer. Jay quits and takes the offer. Down to Leif and Chelsea, Jeff tempts them both with an offer of three hamburgers, a bowl of chips and a cold beer. Chelsea negotiates with Leif and promises he is safe if he will give up. He agrees and steps down. Chelsea grins as she walks away from the challenge with immunity.

Plotting before the Tribal Council, the majority of the opposing players put together a plan to vote to get Troyzan out because he is becoming a stronger threat. Votes will also be reserved to go toward Jay in case Troyzan has the immunity idol.

Now very worried because he lost immunity and he doesn’t trust the women, Troyzan decides to take his immunity idol to the Tribal Council and use it and tells Jay. Jay tells him not to and trys to convince him there is no reason to. Jay then turns right around and tells Kim that Troyzan is going to use the idol. That naturally changes the whole nature of the voting strategy for the evening.

In Tribal Council, Kim tells Jeff she is worried. Tarzan says he feels the whole men’s team has totally fallen apart. Troyzan talks about his distrust and feeling that everything has gotten muddy after the immunity challenge. Chelsea says to Jeff she thinks someone has the immunity idol. Alisha specifically points out that Troyzan is wearing clothing with a lot of pockets and could be hiding the idol.

When Jeff finally asks if anyone has the immunity idol, Troyzan announces that he does and gives it to Jeff to save himself. Now he is safe from elimination and any votes going against him are void.

Here’s how the votes break down:


Thus, the ninth person voted off Survivor: One World this week is Jay.

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