Survivor One World Finale: Who Won Survivor 2012?

The Survivor One World finale is about to begin and the final five women will have to run the gauntlet of three Tribal Councils to find out who will be the Survivor 2012 winner!

Will the Survivor One World winner turn out to be the dominating Kim Spradlin as many have predicted? Or will a dark horse emerge in the final minutes to claim victory in the Survivor 2012 finale? Read on in our live recap of the finale to find out who won Survivor One World.


Please stop reading here if you do not want Survivor 2012 spoilers on what happened Sunday night or who won Survivor One World!

Five ladies are left to face off in the Survivor One World finale after a strong women’s alliance managed to boot off every male contestant this season. Now it’s girl against girl as Alicia Rosa, Chelsea Meissner, Christina Cha, Kim Spradlin, and Sabrina Thompson battle it out to become the sole Survivor of the season.

Many Survivor One World predictions for the finale put Kim Spradlin as the women to beat in the Survivor 2012 finale. Kim has dominated the field all season long, sailing though week to week by negotiating with multiple alliances and manipulating the other players like a boss. If all things were fair, Kim Spradlin really deserves to be the Survivor One World winner this year. However, Survivor is really not about being fair, is it?

The biggest threat to Kim Spradlin becoming the Survivor 2012 winner may not even be the other remaining ladies, it is more likely to be the men currently sitting on the jury. The guys may just decide they are so bitter and angry at ending up the mass victims of Kim’s plotting that they could decide to enact their revenge against her by ensuring she won’t claim the victory on Sunday night.

On one hand, that would be a shame, because if any player deserves to be the person who won Survivor One World, it is Kim. Still, having Kim be the Survivor 2012 winner is so predictable and expected, it would actually kind of be more fun if she were suddenly eliminated and didn’t even make it to the top three. Could happen, you never know!

So who won Survivor One World and took home the $1 million prize? Read on in our Survivor 2012 finale live recap to find out!

The first ten minutes of the Survivor: One World finale tonight is really nothing more than opening credits, commercials and recapping, so we’re still waiting for anything interesting to actually happen…

Finally! We move into our first Immunity challenge of the Survivor: One World finale. This is one hell of a mess of a challenge. There is a balance beam to deal with, then a bunch of puzzle pieces and a cargo net, and then the puzzle will give them the combination to a lock they have to open. Good grief, I just want to know who won it already!

Final Five: Immunity Challenge

Alicia and Chelsea take an early lead as they make their way through to the cargo net with the puzzle pieces, followed by Sabrina, then Kim and Christina. Oops! Alicia is too slow at the cargo net and falls behind. Next up is the puzzle and Sabrina and Christina also fall behind, leaving Kim to take the lead with Alicia now catching up again right behind her.

Wow! Turns out Kim did not even NEED her hidden immunity idol because the girl just kicked everyone else’s butt and won immunity for the first Tribal Council. Ouch! Who here does NOT think Kim deserves to win this. Really?

The five women go back to camp and Kim’s brain is running around in circles trying to figure out what she needs to do in order to stack the jury in her favor AND get out her strongest competition. Kim and Chelsie talk and Chelsea thinks they should get Alicia out and take Christina to the final three.

Kim is waffling between whether she should vote out Alicia or Chelsea. Kim is now thinking she should not have told Chelsea about having the hidden immunity idol because Chelsea might think Kim should use it to save her since this is the last time it can be used.

Kim also talks to Sabrina, who also says she thinks Alicia should go first. Alicia, being totally clueless, still thinks her alliance with Kim is so strong that nothing will break Kim’s loyalty to her.

Final Five: Tribal Council:

Now it’s time for the first of three Tribal Council votes for the night. This one will determine who will move on to the final 4 and compete in the next immunity challenge. Kim talks about how it is hard to separate playing with her heart versus her head.

Sabrina, Christina, Alicia and Sabrina all feel they are safe. Host Jeff Probst asks the girls to all make their final appeals. Chelsea says Kim has the chance to either gain respect or lose it with her actions tonight.

Jeff reveals the Tribal Council votes and it is very tight:

  • Chelsea
  • Alicia
  • Chelsea
  • Alicia
  • Alicia

Alicia is voted off Survivor: One World! The final 4 are Chelsea, Sabrina, Kim and Christina.

The final four women go back to camp and Christina feels like she is in trouble and the outsider, but she still feels she might be able to get into the final three. Sabrina thinks she really has to go all out and she has to win immunity.

The ladies receive tree mail and they are directed to go and burn the torches of the eliminated contestants. Which means we have to sit through a boring recap of all the previously voted off contestants. Yawn.

LOL. Okay, the part with Colton was actually kind of entertaining because he thinks not winning Survivor was God’s way of saying he is a spoiled little  b*tch — which he totally was on the show! That is too funny.

 Final Four: Immunity Challenge

Here we go with the second and final Immunity Challenge. This is totally nuts! The final 4 castaways have to navigate their way through a huge wire maze on a spring with a pole carrying a bowl and get through it with 10 bowls and then stack all the bowls on top. Okay, I am not describing this well, but let’s just say it is totally crazy looking! Here, just watch this preview video…

Kim and Christina take the lead and are flying at top speed. Sabrina is so out of this even Jeff Probst says she isn’t even competitive she is so behind. And here we go, the winner of the second Immunity Challenge of the night and a guarateed spot in the final three is…

Kim! Yes, Kim has won her 4th Immunity Challenge and she will be in the final three. Can anything keep Kim from being the Survivor 2012 winner at this point?

Christina asks Kim after the Immunity Challenge to tell her the truth and Kim does. She tells Christina she will be voted off next. Christina’s resignation that she will go home actually kind of makes Kim want to keep her because she knows no one is going to vote for her.

Final Four: Tribal Council:

Now we arrive at the final Tribal Council to see who will end up in the top 3 and face the jury. Christina has basically given up and ready to “roll over and die,” only Kim can save her for the final three now if she should by some miracle have changed her mind. Host Jeff Probst tries to rally Christina to defend herself, but it does no good.

Christina is voted off Survivor by a vote of 3 to 1. The final three are Chelsea, Kim and Sabrina.

Final Three: Jury Vote

Now we have the opening statements from the final 3 on why they should win Survivor 2012.

Chelsea: For her opening statement, Chelsea admits that she made it to the final three because of Kim but that she cared about the other competitors less than Kim did. Weird. She thinks she was equal to Kim when it came to strategy, but that Kim is more likeable that she is. Okay…

Kim: She says she is proud of every decision she made in the game because they were the right moves to make strategically to get her to the end and emphasizes repeatedly “it’s a game” you have to play.

Sabrina: According to Sabrina, her strategy was not to step up and be a leader. She admits that she did not make moves herself but let Kim and Chelsea do all the work with thinking and strategizing. She tries to gain sympathy by saying she was fired from her job teaching inner-city children.

Now the jury members have their say and ask their questions:

Jonas: He says he thinks Sabrina is the most popular of the three, but she was terrible at challenges. He thinks Chelsea is the hottest. Chelsea says she was the force behind voting out Kat. Kim ends up having to defend ditching Christina and she justifies it nicely by saying it didn’t matter in the end.

Christina: She pushes Kim to admit who she would have voted off if she had decided to save Christina. Kim says she would have voted out Chelsea because she is a bigger threat to Sabrina. Christina also asks Chelsea why she hates people. Snap!

Jay: He gives Sabrina a hard time for her “do nothing” role on the show and having no strategy other than that. He calls Jeff “your honor,” which is funny.

Mike: He thinks Kim messed up by taking the blame for all the blindsides, after asking what a blindside is…

Tarzan: He says he has to thank God for having such a great adventure and having his wife visit on the island. He doesn’t really ask questions. Chelsea tries to play for Tarzan’s vote by being mooshy and saying she wants the romance he has with his wife.

Leif: Kim says she could never trust Leif and so she didn’t feel bad about making sure he got voted off. Sabrina says getting rid of Leif was all Kim’s idea and she just followed along.

Alicia: S;he says Kim played the best game on the show and Chelsea and Sabrina were just pawns in Kim’s game. She says she would have won if she was in the final 3 — she really believes she was the “queen” of the game!

Troyzan: He forces Kim to answer a question he says will prove whether she deserves to win. He asks Kim to say when she decided to target him and she says it was when she got Jonas out.

Kat: She is pissed off. She tells the castaways she had open heart surgeries as a child and has to have another one next year. She says she is not going to vote out of her anger though because life is too short.

Who Won Survivor One World?

Now we have our final vote by the jury to determine who is the Survivor: One World winner! Here are the votes:

  • Kim
  • Sabrina
  • Kim
  • Sabrina
  • Kim
  • Kim
  • Kim

No shocking ending here! Kimberly Spradlin, the Texas bridal shop owner is the winner of Survivor: One World!

Well, that’s a wrap for our Survivor: One World finale recap. What do you think about how it all went down? Do you think the person who won deserved it or not? Let us know your thoughts below!

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  1. All for Kim. Jeff asked who voted for Kim at the reunion, Jonas, Mike, Jay, Kat, Tarzan, Alicia, and Christina all raised their hands. So It was a 7-2 decision.

  2. Sorry but I hate the fact that Kim won. Sabrina would’ve been a better choice.

  3. Kim was only slightly less idiotic and shortsighted than the rest.  What a bunch of bumbling halfwits they had on this season!  Just total morons.  It seemed like a summer camp for imbeciles with only a few playing any strategic game whatsoever.  I guess Kim deserved to win more than the rest of the idiots, but what’s that saying about winning a gold medal in the Special Olympics…even if you win, you’re still impaired.

  4. I guess that makes you even more of a shortsighted bumbling moron of a loser than them since you spent a whole season watching people whom you think are losers.

    Do you watch shows just to belittle others to feel like you have some self worth?

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