Survivor One World Predictions: Who Will Win Survivor 2012?

The Survivor One World finale airs Sunday night and five ladies are left in the competition for the $1 million prize: Alicia Rosa, Chelsea Meissner, Christina Cha, Kim Spradlin, and Sabrina Thompson. Who will emerge as the Survivor One World winner? Read on for our Survivor 2012 predictions for what will happen on the finale Sunday night!

Out of the Survivor One World final five, the overall winner might seem to be a rather obvious choice. After an extremely strong season as the game’s most dominant player, Kim Spradlin goes into the Survivor 2012 finale holding a hidden immunity idol.

Kim can use her hidden immunity idol to sail through the first of the three Tribal Councils of the night. If she manages to win immunity in the second Tribal Council, she will be hard to beat for the win no matter who else winds up in the final three.

Speaking of the final three, my Survivor One World predictions for who will end up facing the final Tribal Council are: Kim, Chelsea and Christina. Kim and Chelsea are heavy favorites to make the final three and they have a strong motivation to take Christina with them because they both know they can probably easily beat her in the final Tribal Council.

If the other ladies were wise, they would absolutely do whatever it takes to get Kim out before the last Survivor One World finale Tribal Council. However, with that hidden immunity idol to keep her safe in the first elimination round on the finale, it may just be frankly impossible to keep Kim from getting through to the last round.

If Kim does make it to the Survivor One World final three, whether it is Chelsea and Christina, or some other combination, it would likely be quite a shock if she didn’t end up winning. The only scenario in which we see that happening is if the jury decides they just want to be pissed off and bitter about how Kim basically managed to manipulate things to get all the guys voted off before the Survivor 2012 finale.

Truly though, Kim Spradlin really deserves to be the Survivor 2012 winner. She has not only been the strongest player of the whole Survivor One World season, she’s honestly been one of the smartest and tough Survivor players in the history of the show. Frankly, it would be a total shame if she failed to make the final three or the jury decided to yank away her win out of petty jealousy of her game play this season.

So, at the end of it all, here are our Survivor One World predictions for the finale on Sunday night:

Probable final three: Chelsea Meissner, Christina Cha and Kim Spradlin

Most likely to win: Kim Spradlin

Least likely to win: Christina Cha

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