Survivor: One World Spoilers – Episode 10 ‘I’m No Dummy’

On tonight’s episode of Survivor: One World, it is all on Troyzan‘s shoulders to save himself from being eliminated. If he somehow does not win immunity, he is almost 100% guaranteed to be the one going home.

The official CBS summary for the week read: Castaways go on the attack when one tribe member forces a confrontation, and a heartfelt message from home brings the Tikiano tribe to tears.


On Wednesday night’s Survivor: One World episode 10, the remaining survivors will take part in a ‘Survivor Auction’ to bid on luxury items, including “chocolate and peanut butter, a luxurious shower, and letters form loved ones back one,” host Jeff Probst told Entertainment Weekly.

One of the rewards that Jeff Probst did not leak, however, may possibly be an immunity challenge advantage. According to the speculation and rumors going around, it appears that Troyzan might just be the one who manages to grab it. That would be a huge boost for his chances to actually make it through this round of the game.

This week’s immunity challenge is called “Return from the Dead” and will feature multiple rounds. Troyzan’s special advantage prize may get him through to the second round of the challenge with a free pass.


We do have some more Survivor: One World spoilers for you, but we want to warn you right now that these are major spoilers about who may and may not go home this week and in the future, and you might not want to read them. So please stop now if you don’t want to know!

So, we cannot confirm this rumor yet, but the evidence does seem strong, so we’ll share it with you here. Apparently there was a photo released in the Survivor: One World media shots this week allegedly showing Troyzan wearing the immunity idol necklace.

According to the rumor posted at several Survivor fan sites, Leif, Alicia and Christina will bee the only ones to pack for Tribal Council this week. So that would mean Troyzan is not going to get eliminated tonight, which would be quite the coup.

Previous Survivor: One World spoilers have indicated that Kim will be safe at least until there is a challenge involving a slip and slide. If Troyzan is also safe this week, and Leif, Alicia and Christina are the ones most likely up for elimination, I’m going to have to go with Leif getting the boot this week.

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