Former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel is Survivor bound! Is it me or is it just entirely weird to contemplate watching the actress who played perfect little rich girl Blair Warner scramble around in the dirt eating gross things and compete in competition designed to humiliate the players and coat them in disgusting goo on Survivor: Philippines?

Lisa Whelchel, who played spoiled rich girl Blair Warner on Facts of Life for nine seasons, is now a grown up Christian author and mother of three. Oddly, she is also apparently quite the fan of Survivor. A D-List celebrity superfan competitor? Interesting….

Survivor: Philippines is really stacking up to be perhaps one of the strangest seasons ever of the show. Not only do we have Lisa Whelchel Survivor bound, we also have former San Francisco Giants player Jeff Kent and 2011 Miss Delaware Katie Hanson among the contestants for the new season. There will also be a cosmetologist, a sex therapist, a track coach and a seminary student. Three previously eliminated Survivor contestants will also be among the cast.

I just have to say, personally, I find all the D-List celebrities and returning players on these reality TV shows to be boring and annoying. Reality TV such as Survivor and Big Brother was really a lot more fun when it was just a group of random nobodies from all over battling it out for a hunk of cash and temporary fame.

Oh well. Too bad they didn’t get Nancy McKeon (Joe) to sign up along with Lisa Whelchel for a Survivor former teen stars rival showdown. Joe I mean Nancy, would so kick Lisa’s ass…

Survivor: Phillipines premieres with a 90-minute special episode on Wednesday, September 19.

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