Who Got Voted Off Survivor Cagayan In Week 2? 3/5/2014

Will you be shocked at who got voted off Survivor Cagayan tonight? The Survivor results weren’t easy to predict this early in the competition, but we were a bit surprised at who went home on Survivor 2014 this week.  But since we’ve had almost no Survivor spoilers about the boot list for this season, it was really kind of just a guessing game about who would go home next.

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We had placed our bets on someone else being the one who was eliminated on Survivor 28 in week 2, but the castaways apparently had other ideas. Later on in the game it is sometimes easier to figure out who is going to get the boot next based on watching the show and evaluating reader’s polls. This early in the season, however, it’s far more difficult to make a prediction.

Enough chatter though, right? You want us to just get to the Survivor results from week 2, so let’s go to it!

Well, first off let’s say that we would NOT want to be on this season of Survivor Cagayan if the weather is going to be like they are suffering in this episode very often. It’s nasty, wet, cold, and ugly.

Hidden Immunity Idol:

LJ goes back to where he spotted Morgan earlier and manages to uncover the immunity idol. It is tied underwater to a rock, which apparently just wasn’t quite clever enough. He isn’t going to tell anyone he has it unless he decides he has to use it.

Immunity Challenge Results – “Mazed and Confused”:

Brawn sits out Tony and Lindsey, and Beauty sits out Jefra and Alexis for the competition, since Brains is already two members down from last week.

Aparri, the ‘Brawn’ Tribe, wins the Immunity Challenge and some warm goodies like blankets and pillows to make their lives more comfortable. Solana, the ‘Beauty’ tribe comes in last after looking like they were going to win.

Survivor Cagayan Tribal Council Votes:

All the talk is about voting out Brice but Morgan and Jefra may end up working with him to go after Alexis. It’s all crazy and it’s hard to tell exactly what is going to happen.

The votes tonight were for:


This results in a three-way tie vote! So we have a revote with only Jefra, LJ, and Jeremiah voting. Host Jeff Probst counts off two votes, both for Brice, which means he is the one who got voted off Survivor 2014 tonight.

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