Survivor Results: Who Was Voted Off Blood vs Water Tonight? 11/13/2013

We can’t say we are surprised about who was eliminated on Survivor Blood vs Water tonight. The writing was pretty much on the wall for both of the castaways who got voted off Survivor 2013 this week before the episode even started. Sometimes the Survivor results for the elimination are a huge surprise, sometimes they are a bit too predictable.

Survivor 2013 Blood vs Water episode 9
Survivor 2013 Blood vs Water Episode 9

Fan polls across the web had both players high on the possible elimination list and even some otherwise pretty shaky Survivor spoilers boot lists had these two getting voted off and potentially going home in the next few episodes at least. We didn’t make an official prediction about who was voted off Survivor 27 in this round but we pretty much agreed with a lot of fans out there about who it would be.

Of course, Survivor spoilers are often wrong, especially this year. And with so many wild factors in play in season 27, you never know exactly what is going to happen when it comes down to the actual elimination. Fan polls can tell you a lot about what the mass public thinks is going to happen based on all the clues from the previews and the state of the game so far. A lot of times, however, the fans are just as wrong as the bloggers in predicting who got voted off Survivor or who ends up eventually going home.

So were the fans mostly right this week or totally off base? Well, as we said earlier, sometimes the Survivor results are just way too predictable. This week, that just happened to be the case. Most of the fan polls out there, the sketchy Survivor 2013 spoilers and a lot of the bloggers all agreed that the two castaways with the most potential to be voted off to Redemption Island at the Tribal Councils were Vytas Baskauskas and Tina Wesson.

And… that’s pretty much exactly what happened. In a night full of big drama, two Tribal Councils and a double elimination — Vytas and Tina were sent packing to fight for their lives against Aras Baskauskas next week. What do you think about the Survivor results tonight? Happy to see them voted out or pissed that one of your favorites was banished to Redemption Island?

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