Susan Boyle proves she doesn’t lip-sync

Yesterday on The View, Susan Boyle gave a painful demonstration of what happens when you take amateur performers and shove them into situations that might make even the most skilled professionals a bit jittery.  Boyle was scheduled to sing her rendition of “O Holy Night” on the show, but apparently was not made aware that The View is a live broadcast and not a recorded one.

When Boyle encountered some vocal problems in the middle of her song, she simply stopped singing and asked if she could start again.  Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepard helped salvage the situation, but it was still incredibly awkward.  At least she proved she does her own live singing!

11 thoughts on “Susan Boyle proves she doesn’t lip-sync”

  1. At least Susan is a professional, and she had a frog in her throat which is phlegm to you who don’t know what a frog in the throat means. At least she did not forget the words to the song like Ba BA Streisand did on a live stage in front of thousands of fans. I am sorry for your hatred of Susan. Go hate somebody else, it work here.

  2. AlisJ, you don’t even know what you’re talking about, so why don’t you go in a hole and think about life. You are writing garbage on here and Susan Boyle fans won’t put up with it. Get a real job and quit putting Susan Boyle down. Remember a frog in the throat means phlegm, which I imagine you are filled with. Are you a damn Muslim or what?


  4. I’m sorry guys but Boyle is far from a professional. She is an amateur and the entertainment world is obviously taking a toll on her. I think she would be better suited in the studio and not on the road. Live performances, lip syncing or not she still flopped. No one is putting her down because they are stating what actually happened. I bet you if you guys paid to see her live performance and she did that you would hit the roof. Last time I paid to see a live concert I sat not too far from the front for $200. Boyle better sing those tunes! Chop chop!!!!! If that was anyone else you wouldn’t be so sympathetic is all I am saying… because because she is a special person in your eyes she gets a pass. Streisand got no pass & she is still one of the best performers ever to hit the stage. Don’t you ever forget that!

  5. Sorry, Susan Boyle IS a professional. You don’t sell millions of records and have two #1 albums if you are not. Susan had a frog she just couldn’t shake and felt it best to stop. She apparently had the frog before she went on stage. She was in a no-win situation. If she hadn’t gone out and at least tried, she was have been sacrificed for being “too fragile” and not being able to handle the pressure. The one thing that is not mentioned is that she redid the vocal for the West Coast feed and did a brilliant job. The media has been trying too hard to dismantle this wonderful singer, and so far, it hasn’t worked. She is fabulous!!!

  6. Kh, Barbara Streisand is not the best singer in the world. Her voice is not that great. Professionals agree that Streisand’s voice is good, but not great. Streisand has stage fright and is not suited to sing among the masses. She should only put out CDs which aren’t selling because she can’t handle the stage well. She breaks out in hives, get the shakes, her voice quakes, she self-medicates, and she is a bubbling mess. Susan Boyle is the true professional and can handle the stage better than “stage fright” BA BA! Plus, I hate performers who forget words to the songs, another indication she is sick and scared on stage. Plus she treats her fan base like garbage. She is an old beat up has been! BA BA is DONE!

  7. One thing I must say is I think we all get too worked up over these celebrities. I think Boyle is a great singer but her and the rest of the Idols are annoying now. A friend mentioned to me that she is mentally challenged and they should be nice to her. A mentally challenged stage performer? Seriously… That’s a blooper waiting go happen. As well you guys don’t know that Boyle had a frog or what ever else she claims. She could have very well just been tired or simply touring might be taking a toll on her old bones. Either way professional or not this isn’t the first time something like this has happened to her. She’s got a great voice let’s just say that. Stage presense and eye candy she is not. She’s kind of homely if I might add. I know you guys are going to rip me apart for say that but “hint hint” that’s why the media is always at her.

  8. I’m afraid that Susan’s “helpers” let her down.
    She’s a singer who needs to keep her water bottle close at hand. She must hydrate often to hold her throat “frogs” at bay. At Susan’s age, many fine singers have this dependency. Let’s give Susan a break. She’s a trooper, albeit a bashful one.

  9. You better not make snide comments about this Boyle woman. Her fans will attack you & give the best excuse as to why they did it. Last I checked we make fun of all celebrities but since she is old, unattractive to most, & mentally challenged she gets a pass. The guy who wrote this article is doing exactly what we do to the likes of MJ, Streisand, Elvis and who ever else makes a public booboo. Sorry Boyle gets no pass with the cruel world. Next time be prepared is all I am saying because the industry will eat you up & vomit you out.

  10. Just a shame this article doesn’t tell the whole truth. Because the show was live, Susan Boyle couldn’t restart right then. But immediately after, SHE DID SING AGAIN, it was taped and inserted into the west coast showing and she received a standing ovation. She didn’t run away discouraged – she did it again. She is not fragile, or ‘mentally challenged’. That is tabloid garbage. She is a very gutsy woman. And she handled it with grace and good humor.

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