Susan Boyle Sings on ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Britain’s Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle will appear on Dancing with the Stars this week to sing material from her debut album, I Dreamed a Dream, due out Nov. 24.


Susan Boyle became an internet sensation after her audition for Britain’s Got Talent, eventually going on to win second place in the competition. But despite not taking home the win, Boyle has since become a worldwide phenomenon.

Boyle previously made an appearance on the America’s Got Talent finale in September, singing “Wild Horses,” a song off her forthcoming album.

Boyle’s brother, John Boyle, says his sister is excited to perform on Dancing with the Stars. “She loves America and loves the people,” Boyle told People. “She appreciates their honesty.”

Susan Boyle is also reportedly finally starting to let loose and enjoy her success a bit. A notorious penny-pincher, Boyle reportedly relaxed her budget enough to buy some new furniture for her house in Blackburn, Scotland, including a new sofa and refrigerator.

It’s okay Susan, we think it’s probably okay to let yourself go ahead and spruce up the old homestead a bit. We’re pretty sure that new album of yours will provide you with a bit of extra pocket money to throw around.

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