Weird News – 19 lb Baby in Indonesia Not the Biggest Ever Born

Shockingly, a 19 lb baby born in Indonesia on Monday is not the biggest baby ever born. News of the huge infant’s birth became a hot topic on the Net this week, but the Guinness Book of World Records says he’s a lightweight compared to the largest baby on record.


A woman in Jakarta, Indonesia, identified only as Ani gave birth to the 19 lb baby boy via caesarean section on Monday. One of the mother’s doctors has speculated the huge size of the baby is due to the mother’s diabetes. High glucose levels reportedly can cause abnormally large growth in fetuses.

The so far unnamed baby boy weighed in at an astounding 19.2 pounds and was 2 feet long at birth. Although he is the largest baby ever on record in Indonesia, the baby boy didn’t quite make the world record.

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the biggest baby ever born weighed more than 23 lbs at birth and was born in 1879.