Strangers party in 50 Cent’s house without his knowledge

Two fans of 50 Cent were discovered by police inside the rapper’s house after security officers alerted the authorities about a strange car in the driveway.  The two men entered the property through a door that was left unlocked, but they weren’t there to steal anything – they simply wanted to open a bottle of wine and party like rich people.

The men had marijuana on them and one was found drinking inside a closet, of all places.  They were taken to jail where they’re being held on $50,000 bond.  One of the men, Alexander Hernandez, now says he’s worried that he won’t be home in time to see his newborn baby’s first Christmas.  Wow, those are some kick-ass parenting skills he’s got there.

50 Cent wants you to know he’s rich

Rapper 50 Cent was all over Twitter yesterday showing his followers how much cash he keeps lying around the house.  Posing with what may have been as much as half a million dollars, Fiddy said, “I think I’m rich. Lol” and mentioned that he was heading to Vegas to try to double his money.

While I seriously doubt that he’ll double it, it’s probably safe to say that anyone who has that much expendable income probably doesn’t care too much if he loses it all at the tables.  After all, he can just think of it as a surcharge for a weekend of entertainment, and the next day he can go back to raking the money in like he usually does.

Taylor Swift sets the bar extremely high

Taylor Swift has done something that is not only rare in light of the mp3 revolution, but is rare in general: she sold more than a million copies of her new album in the first week.  This has only happened sixteen times in the past two decades, and it’s the first time it’s happened since 2005 when 50 Cent came out with The Massacre.

Hopefully this sends a big, clear message to the music industry: if you just put out something worth buying every once in a while, people might actually buy it.  Swift has relied on her own songwriting and heartfelt emotions rather than phoning it in via a songwriting team and autotuning it later, and of course that combined with the right marketing is going to do the trick.

Chelsea Handler dating 50 Cent?

They may seem like the most unlikely couple of the century, but comedienne Chelsea Handler and hip-hop artist 50 Cent have been seen hanging out together, and apparently it’s a little more than just casual.  They were seen earlier this week in New Orleans, bar hopping together and generally looking like they were out on a date.  This is not the first time we’ve heard word about these two getting close – rumors have been going around for weeks that they’re either dating, or are very close friends.  They kind of make a cute couple, actually, and I’m sure before too long we’ll know for certain whether they’re actually going out romantically, or whether they’re just having a little fun.

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Lil Wayne: Gonna Be A Daddy Again Any Day

The BET Hip-Hop Awards were held in Atlanta Saturday night, and rapper Lil Wayne, 26, announced that his first son will be born in “a couple of days.” Lil Wayne won Lyricist Of The Year, and announced:

“I got a son about to be born any day now, so shout-out to him. Pray for me”

He also won the MVP of the Year award, beating out Jay-Z, T.I. and Kanye West. He dedicated the award to his daughter, Reginae Carter…who was falsely (fortunately) rumored to have died in an auto accident this August.

Singer Nivea is rumored to be the baby mama, although no confirmation’s been made. She AND Lil Wayne are rumored to be engaged, and both have been seen recently wearing rings on the right fingers.

Weezy’s got the #1 album in the country right now: Tha Carter III, which sold 400,000 copies it’s first day, and has already sold over 1 million. It’s earned the distinction of being the first studio offering since 50 Cent’s 2005 LP The Massacre to sell more than 1 million copies in a single week. The Weezy Nation has spoken!

50 Cent Doesn’t Want A Taco Bell Raise

UPDATE!! Fiddy’s suing for $4 Million Dollars!
Rap giant 50 CENT is PISSED at fast food company Taco Bell’s “sleazy” attempt land him for an ad campaign, and is threatening to sue! Taco Bell offered to make a $10,000 donation to a charity of 50 Cent’s choice if he agreed to change his name for one day. The catch: he must stop by any Taco Bell, and rap his order at the drive-thru window – using a new name- his choice of 79 Cent, 89 Cent or 99 Cent.

Fiddy don’t need no raise, and is not amused. OK! magazine reports a rep for the rapper saying:

“This is a sleazy and ill-conceived publicity stunt by Taco Bell’s president, Greg Creed, whose disingenuous offer was leaked to the press before it was even presented to 50 Cent’s agent yesterday.”

Fiddy don’t play! He will burn your house down, fool! 50 Cent himself threatens:

“When my legal team is finished with them, Taco Bell is going to have a NEW corporate slogan: ‘We messed with the bull and got the horns!'”

Don’t think he’ll have much standing in court if he sues, but if I were Greg Creed I’d seriously consider a run for the border.