Madonna Wants Britney And Justin To Hook Up Again

When Madonna gets on a press roll, she just can’t stop! She’s a media junkie of EPIC proportions! Marie Claire UK is reporting that Madge wants to reunite Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. People have been trying to do this for YEARS, mostly ‘cuz they think it would bring Britney back from crazytown, but apparently Madonna thinks SHE’S the one who can do it.

Madonna reportedly wants the pair to join forces for a HUGE finale in her Sticky & Sweet upcoming tour. We know Madge already has Britney on board. Brit-Brit’s filmed a super-sexy bit for the tour, which is gonna be shown on a gi-normous screen behind the stage. Some have reported that Britney will make an appearance in person at some shows, but other reports deny that Brit will join Madonna on the tour.

As the A-Rod scandal cools off a bit, and her widely reported divorce speculation leaves the front page, Madonna’s cranking out some new scoop. Gotta milk that tour for all she can! Now she wants to get Justin Timberlake to perform with her too. He WAS heavily involved in the recording of her latest album, Hard Candy. Madge thinks if Britney and Justin, who split 6 years ago, appeared on the same stage…it would make for a spectacular end for her show. She wants the two to hook up at her final US date in Miami in November. One source said:

“Madonna is always trying to raise the bar and Britney and Timberlake on the same stage would be perfect.They have both been asked but I think both are a bit reluctant. Britney would find it all a bit emotional and JT might not fancy it. More likely is that they both appear on different dates. But if anyone can make this happen, it’s Madonna.

It might be good for Madonna, but Snarkista doesn’t think it would be good for Britney. She’s never recovered from the breakup, which started her well-documented downward spiral. Poor Brit might get her hopes up that Justin would forget his wedding plans to Jessica Biel, and come back to her. Not gonna happen. Justin’s been over Britney for YEARS. Papa Spears should think hard about any plans to reunite the two, even if it’s just onstage. After all, Britney’s hair is looking pretty good right now.