Was Sarah Palin booed on Dancing with the Stars?

brisol palin on dancing with the stars There seems to be some confusion over the cause of some off-camera booing that happened on Dancing with the Stars last night.  After Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough finished their dance and retired to the dancers’ lounge to speak with Brooke Burke about their performance, booing was heard from the direction of the auditorium… which was where host Tom Bergeron was setting up to interview Sarah Palin, who was there to support her daughter, Bristol Palin.  Questions about the booing were neatly side-stepped, leading many viewers to believe that Palin had been the target of the vitriol.  ABC executives claim that the audience were simply reacting to unpopular scores given by the judges, and that Palin had nothing to do with the booing.  When the interview with Sarah Palin actually started, the audience had settled down and clapped politely.   If they were booing Sarah Palin, why wouldn’t they keep booing when she was actually on camera?