Adam Lambert New Single ‘For Your Entertainment’ Debuts Online

Glam rocker Adam Lambert released his new single “For Your Entertainment” online Friday, streaming the song live from his web site just in time for Halloween.


The American Idol runner-up said in an interview on KIIS-FM the new single is “dance music with a glam-rock shuffle beat, in the style of T. Rex and Rock & Roll Part 2.” Yeah, um, what he said. Honestly, we prefer the amazing ballad he did for 2012, but any new Glambert song is a cause for celebration.

“For Your Entertainment” is a fun mix, showing off Lambert’s naughtier side and his screamingly awesome vocal range as usual. The chorus features the lines: “Can you handle what I’m about to do/It’s about to get rough for you/Because I’m here for your entertainment.” We can handle it Glambert, we can!

Lambert told fans on Twitter prior to the new single’s debut: “Get ready to shake yo asses to this song. it’ll make ya dance for sure.” On Friday, he added, “Hope you’re gonna wanna blast it while you’re gettin ready for Halloween!! Then at the club!!”

Speaking of other American Idol alumni… What was that guy’s name that won American Idol this past season? Oh yeah, we don’t care, nevermind.