ABC Cancels Adam Lambert Again After AMA Controversy

ABC has cancelled two more appearances by glam rocker Adam Lambert in the wake of his controversial, sexually-charged American Music Awards performance. ABC previously uninvited Lambert from a Good Morning America appearance just after the AMAs.

Adam Lambert SF

Lambert had been scheduled to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Dec. 17 and on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. ABC reportedly informed Lambert he was no longer welcome at either gig.

“Yes, sadly friends, ABC has canceled my appearance on Kimmel and NYE. (Don’t blame them. It’s the FCC heat),” Lambert posted on his Twitter feed about the cancellations.

Actually, the FCC does not monitor network programming after 10 PM. Adam Lambert’s AMA performance aired well after the cut off time. So basically, ABC doesn’t have the FCC to blame for their censure one bit.

Adam Lambert talks about AMA performance on Ellen

In a press statement, ABC would only say the network “decided not to move forward” with the bookings at this time.

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J Lo Falls at AMAs and Adam Lambert Takes a Tumble Too

Jennifer Lopez took a fall on stage at the American Music Awards on Sunday, but the minor mishap didn’t keep her from giving a smoking performance. The booty-shaking diva kept things hot and grooving, despite her momentary two left feet.


J Lo took off for a bit jump in the midst of her performance of “Louboutins” during the AMAs, but landed on her butt instead of her feet. The well-padded Lopez didn’t let the slip-up keep her down. She was quickly back on her feet and moving to the beat.

Jennifer Lopez wasn’t the only celeb to take a fall on the AMA stage. Adam Lambert also had a harsh encounter with the floor during his performance of his new single “For Your Entertainment”. Lambert also recovered in a heartbeat, rolling into his next move with not a hair out of place. His instant twist into the next bit left many wondering if he’d even slipped at all! (A bit of slow-mo on the TiVo does reveal a bit of a stumble and hard landing before the nifty roll up.)

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