Adam Lambert AMA Performance Spurs Complaints and Outrage

Glam rocker Adam Lambert‘s outrageous performance at the American Music Awards prompted over 1500 complaints from viewers to ABC. The network called the complaints a “moderate” response to the sexually charged stage routine. The Parents Television Council, which recently blasted Gossip Girl over their “threesome” episode, loudly denounced Lambert’s antics on stage.

Adam Lambert at American Music Awards

Timothy Winters, president of the PTC, said members of the organization are “outraged” over the show. “They just can’t believe the nature of the content, the explicit nature, and how much graphic content there was.”

Adam Lambert at the AMAs was a whirlwind of sexual suggestiveness and BDSM imagery. Even hardcore fans of Lambert are torn in their response to the performance, which included Lambert leading two dancers on leashes, simulating oral sex on stage and French-kissing a male keyboardist.

Lambert said after the performance, “I had fun, my dancers had fun, the audience that was in the Nokia had fun. Anybody else who was watching it and enjoying it, thank you for being entertained.”

The American Idol runner-up said in an interview before the American Music Awards that he wanted to push the envelope in his performance. “We’ve seen female pop and rock performers do that for the last 10 years,” Lambert said. “They’ve been very provocative, owning their power and sexuality. You just don’t see men doing it very often. And I’m hoping to break down that double standard with this number.”

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