Adam Lambert ‘Whataya Want from Me’ Video Premiere

The new Adam Lambert music video for “Whataya Want from Me” (co-written by Pink and Max Martin) premiered on MTV and VH1 on Friday morning. Instead of the over-the-top glam rocker we usually see, Adam Lambert appears in the new video as an emotionally raw and vulnerable young man torn between public and private life.

Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert

In the new “Whataya Want from Me” video from For Your Entertainment, Adam Lambert leaves behind the glam rock persona and the overt sexuality, instead taking a much more serious and introspective tone. The video, filmed with a gray, industrial feel, focuses the attention on Lambert’s outstanding vocals, rather than his outrageous looks – which we feel is a good move.

Plus, Adam Lambert is kind of even hotter when he just looks like a sort of normal guy. Not that we want him to give up the glitter and five layers of eyeliner though, certainly not!

Check out the video below:

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