Britney Spears Wanted Sam Lufti To Rescue Her From Daddy?

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That’s what Sam (Osama) Lufti’s sister Christina alleged yesterday at his restraining order hearing. Sam was the great “manager” who kept Britney Spears prisoner in her own house and hid all of her cellphones, while she went batshit crazy.
Christina testifyeth:

“[Britney] told me she wanted to get a hold of Sam,” said Christina, 25, whose brother had once been Spears’s manager. “She wanted him to help her find a lawyer, and wanted someone to get a prepaid cell phone to her. She was scared because her father was blackmailing her with visitation rights over her kids.”
Spears allegedly told Christina to meet her on the fifth floor gym of the Peninsula Hotel on Jan. 16. When Christina arrived, Spears was working out with her mother while a bodyguard stood nearby. But they rendezvoused in a sauna where Christina gave her a phone, saying it was from Sam and ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, which Spears then hid in a locker. “She asked me, ‘Will Sam be able to help me?'” Christina added.

The phone, however, was later discovered by Spears’s security team and confiscated from her purse.

Britney is locked DOWN, y’all. She may LOOk like she’s naked and free, but Papa Spears has that conservatatorship in his iron grip. Good luck, slimy stalkers Sam and Adnan. No gas station runs for y’all anymore!

Papa Spears Calls Sam Lufti A “Predator”

britney-spears-and-sam-luftiBritney Spears lives under the permanent control of her dad, Jamie Spears, for her own good. Access to Britney, even by telephone, is carefully monitored. Why? So she won’t do idiotic things like let Sam Lufti and Adnan Ghalib back into her life. The two slick-talkers are trying hard.

Imagine Papa Spears’ dismay when Brit-Brit showed up with a prepaid cell phone recently. Her security team confiscated it from her purse while she was at a dance practice. When she was confronted, Brit admitted the phone was given to her by someone during a hotel stay.

THAT person, she confessed, got it from ex-manager Sam Lutfi and former boyfriend, paparazzo Adnan Ghalib. Britney’s darkest days were when she was living under Sam Lufti’s spell, he locked her down tighter than Papa…to use her, not to help her. Adnan was there to help keep an eye on Brit at all times.

Jamie Spears described the cellular phone incident in testimony Monday in an L.A. court, as he sought to maintain a restraining order against Lutfi, whom Jamie has claimed harassed Britney and has sought to undermine Jamie’s legal control over her life. Jamie testified:

“When Lutfi was in so-called control, she’d lost everything – her kids and career,” Jamie said at the hearing. “I believe he’s a predator, I believe he’s very dangerous to her … and causes her a lot of anguish and disbelief. We’ve asked him to go away before, and now he’s coming back. We just want the man to go away. Just leave us alone.”

Jamie also talked about the darkest night for Britney, when she was forcibly taken from her home after locking herself in a bathroom with her son Jayden, leading to her first hospitalization last year.

“She was told by Lutfi she could have her children for another night,” Jamie said. But when a bodyguard for her ex-husband Kevin Federline arrived to get the children, “She didn’t want to let her kids go because she thought she could have them for another night,” Jamie said.

He then somberly described Britney that night at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as “kind of wild” and “just very messed up.” Before he took legal control, he testified, Britney’s life “was pretty well a disaster. She had nothing going on, just mostly being in the tabloids.” But today she’s “very stable, making her meetings, taking care of her babies, doing things she’s supposed to do,” he said.

The hearing will resume tomorrow. Fight on, Papa Spears! Keep the crazy scumbuckets away from Brit-Brit!

Britney’s Ex Adnan Ghalib Gets A Felony Charge


Membah back in the craaaazy Britney head-shavin’ gas station hoppin’ days? Then you surely haven’t forgotten her prince from the papz…Adnan Ghalib… who got to be her boyfriend for a couple of months. Months where Adnan and shifty bud Sam (Osama) Lufti kept Brit-Brit prisoner and pumped full of drugs, until Papa Spears had to bust some heads, and get restraining orders against both of those fleas.

Now, Adnan is in even BIGGER trouble. He’s under investigation for felony assault with a deadly weapon with a vehicle. Here’s the story… yesterday morning, a process server went to Adnan’s apartment in lovely Encino to serve his azz and order him to appear in the restraining order case.

The process server was waiting for Adnan in the alley when the former papz rolled up and allegedly hit the guy with his car. The process server says he landed on the hood of Adnan’s car. Adnan was known to be THE MOST aggressive driver in all of the Britney economy. Not a small feat.

Adnan allegedly fled the scene and the process server called cops at 10:42 AM. Police arrived and noticed the process server had cuts and scratches, but he refused treatment. The case is under investigation. Ghalib is the suspect and the alleged crime is assault with a deadly weapon with a vehicle — a felony.

Hate it for ya, soul patch!

Papa Spears Wants Adnan Ghalib And Sam Lufti Permanently Banned

britney-adnan-and-samDang, these two shysters hang on like a hair in a biscuit. Remember Britney Spears’ fling with one of the papz, Adnan Ghalib? This was during the zenith of the crazy daze. Adnan and Sam (Osama) Lufti were in cahoots- with Adnan serving as the boyfriend, and Sam acting as Britney’s “manager”. Sam managed Britney right into the loony-bin.

Jamie Spears had a temporary restraining order on each of them, which decreed that they stay away from Britney and the rest of the family. Now Jamie wants to make the order permanent…for good reason. He filed yesterday in hopes of banishing the scum for good.

Sam sent text messages to Britney’s hairdresser Dec. 27, asking her to tell Britney that he was not responsible for the situation that led to her conservatorship, which has been in place since Feb. 1, after the court found Britney to be “susceptible to undue influence.”

A week later, E! reports that Jamie Spears started getting instant messages from a person with an unfamiliar screen name who “made a number of utterly false and hurtful assertions concerning Mr. Spears and his family, threatening to go public with such purported ‘information’ unless Mr. Spears spoke with that person.”

Then Sam Lutfi started calling Britney’s dad, asking if there was anything he could do to HELP, according to court documents. View the new court filings here at Snarkfood.

This is the same guy who admitted last year to “helping” Britney by mashing up pills in her food without her knowledge. He held her virtually imprisoned in her house, until she went batshit crazy. Sam was supposedly the one behind a campaign to overturn the conservatorship, which began Feb. 1 and has since been made permanent.

Go, Jamie! Kick the scuzzbuckets out of Britney’s life for good. You’ll have to keep an eye on them, though…Adnan was spotted out with Britney not too long ago. Sigh.

Britney Has The Hots For Another Dude On Her Payroll

Britney Spears has apparently fallen for another of her staff members, this one’s a bodyguard, and a former Israeli soldier. The 26-year-old singer, battling to jumpstart her career and personal life, is reportedly dating the guard named Lee.

So Lee is the flavor of the week, and is the fourth member of Brit-Brit’s staff dated by the popwreck. Lee’s worked full-time for Brit for the past six months. He’s has been spending his days off by her side and has now even started sleeping under the same roof at her LA home. A source tells The Sun

Britney and Lee hit it off immediately. He is her perfect type. She loves guys who work out and he is in great shape from his days serving in the Israeli Army.He also has a few tattoos, which she loves. They’ve spent so much time together that one thing led to another and their relationship became physical. They are in Mexico together. They’ve been having a great time — Lee’s put a smile on her face.

American-born Lee was the mystery man snapped earlier this week dancing with Britney at the side of her Mexico hotel swimming pool. He’s probably helped put Britney through her paces as she’s battled to lose the cheeto belly.

Snarkista guesses a bodyguard IS a step up from jailer Sam Lufti, who looks like a greased pig, or superpapz Adnan Ghalib who we PROBABLY haven’t heard the last of. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the rumored sex tape between Adnan and Brit materializes, if Britney doesn’t let him back into her life after Papa is removed as her conservator.

When that happens, which could be soon, it will be a huge IF for Britney. When she has control of her assets and her life again, don’t think for a second that the leaches and the swarms of papz won’t come storming back in. It’s just a matter of when. Keeping Lee around, with his Israeli army experience, may be a smart move for Brit. She’s gonna need someone who’s not afraid to kick a bunch of ass and ruin a bunch of names.

Britney’s Reality Show? Oh, And The VMA’s.

Popwreck Britney Spears is rumored to be working on a reality tv show. Her bodyguards were caught shooting her every move with professional grade video cameras during her mini-vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Hmm. Britney’s gonna probably have to do something a little more interesting than lay around in a bikini for this one to sell.

However, during her vacation this past weekend, Britney was also caught doing the tango with a mysterious, man. Some reports said he was handsome, but Snarkista thinks he has a hairy back problem which makes “handsome” impossible. He’s been identified as Palms Resort and Casino owner George Maloof. Britney was captured in a white bikini showing off her tanned body, flirting, and chatting.

Brit-Brit’s been nominated for Best Female Music Video category at the 2008 MTV VMA awards for “Piece Of Me”. You know, the one that was probably scripted by Adnan Ghalib, where Britney and the decoy Britneys get chased around by the papz, and Britney does the peekaboo with her fists. And they put her derrière in the magazine. Instead of her cooch.

There is buzz that she may performing on the show September 7th. However, MTV hasn’t offered her the stage just yet. A close pal told press, “They are going to leave it up until the week before to decide.” Because they need to check the cheeto belly first, and have wardrobe approval written in stone! Also, Britney will probably have to attend rehearsal this time, unlike her LAST disastrous performance. Crap. Snarkista just had a BAD flashback. Get outta my head!

Britney Ventures Out

Britney Spears popped in Saturday night at Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey’s fundraiser for Generation Rescue, an organization dedicated to researching autism. Jenny has been an outspoken advocate for autism research because of her autistic son. She’s become quite knowledgeable on the affliction that now affects 1 in 100 children.

Britney looked great and seemed really happy,” says a partygoer at the shindig at Jim and Jenny’s home in Brentwood. She kept close to her assistant Brett and didn’t speak to other guests, “She smiled and clapped during the video about autism. She was very into the information and watched a little bit of the dancers from Dancing with the Stars, sneaking out during one of the performances.”

Members of Britney’s family believe that her father Jamie has kept her alive. An insider tells The Sun:

He has been her savior. It was a horrible period and she was on the brink of disaster but she looks wonderful now. You can see the happiness in her eyes.

Jamie has put an end to Britney’s all-night benders on Red Bull and amphetamine-based prescription drug Adderall, the erratic drives around LA and the late-night shopping sprees. After her settlement with Kevin Federline regarding custody of their children, Britney seems determined to come back- both personally and professionally.

Britney’s dad has also kept some of her most troublesome pals away as well. Her former “manager” Sam Lufti has been served with a restraining order and Britney is only allowed supervised visits with on-off boyfriend, British photographer Adnan Ghalib. He is not allowed to stay the night with her.

She’s reportedly channeling her anger at her mother AND Justin Timberlake into her upcoming album, having penned several songs directed expressly at them. Her mom gets slapped for being a money-hungry user- Britney says she treated her like an ATM. And Justin? Britney says he wasn’t her first, saying she was “already bad” before they finally slept together.

Hopefully venting her anger will help Britney and not stir up more venom for her to hold in. It’s good to see her looking better, but Papa Jamie still has a way to go before turning loose of the reins again.