Adrienne Bailon Nude Pix: Is This A Disney Secret Op?

Supposed-to-be squeaky clean Cheetah Girls member Adrienne Bailon is the latest in Disney’s stable of “tween” fillies to have nude pictures of herself pop up on the internet. (The above is the only one we can post…they get worse.) Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens paved the way for Adrienne. All took pictures of themselves to send to their boyfriends. Adrienne’s were on her laptop, which was stolen last month…and reportedly her record company paid a whopping $1000.00 ransom for it. Guess what? Somebody copied the pictures.

Adrienne’s actually the oldest of these Disney princesses to make the mistake of taking a self-pic and hitting “send”- she’s 25 years old, but she’s marketed to the same audience as 15 year-old Miley. So, she should know better, right? Right. This shizz is happening so often that it’s become the tween equivalent of having a sex-tape. The fact that Adrienne’s boyfriend is Robert Kardashian, skanky Big Kim’s brother, is just more proof what a sham these girls are.

Adrienne would KILL for an empire like Miley’s, and she’d probably kidnap or rob a bank for Vanessa’s. It’s all a bit smelly. The Cheetah Girls came along right before Hannah Montana blew in like a hurricane, and are now about as exciting as watching your nails dry. Why not get some ink by letting some risque pics hit the net?! All press is good press, right? Especially when you’re a 25 year-old who has to pretend they’re 14?

Disney’s never uttered a peep about any of the princess scandals- it just sits back and watches the interest grow. Snarkista wonders when the moms of America are gonna wise up. In case this WAS by some tiny chance an accident…remember the rules, you dumbasses. Don’t take the pic. If you ignore the first rule, don’t ignore the second- which is “hit delete”. How many times must we tell you?!