Whale Wars Sea Shepherd New Boat Ady Gil Destroyed by Whalers

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, featured in the Animal Planet reality show Whale Wars, was struck a nasty blow this week when Japanese Whalers allegedly rammed and sank one of their new boats, the Ady Gil. 

Sea Shepherd Ady Gil Damage
Sea Shepherd Ady Gil Damage

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is well known for their often controversial tactics in blocking the Japanese fishing fleet from killing and processing whales between Antarctica and Australia. They have claimed to be responsible for damaging and even sinking several whaling vessels during their protests of whaling in the Southern Ocean. The Sea Shepherds claim the Japanese fleet is whaling for profit under the guise of scientific research. The Japanese government denies these claims.

The Sea Shepherd organization recently added two new boats to their fleet of anti-whaling vessels, including the Bob Barker – named for The Price of Right host, who donated $5 million to the cause. The Bob Barker came in handy when the Sea Shepherd group was forced to rescue the crew of their other new boat, the Ady Gil, after it was allegedly rammed by a Japanese whaling vessel this week.


The Ady Gil was severely damaged during the alleged ramming incident, virtually slashed in half by the impact. The Sea Shepherds claim the Japanese vessel intentionally rammed the Ady Gil. “In an unprovoked attack captured on film, the Japanese security ship Shonan Maru No. 2 deliberately rammed and caused catastrophic damage to the Sea Shepherd catamaran Ady Gil,” Captain Paul Watson said in a press statement.

The Japanese Fisheries Agency said the Sea Shepherd group was to blame in the incident. “This is a continuation of the harassment of the Japanese research whaling program by Sea Shepherd and it is extremely dangerous to threaten vessels and its crew. This is absolutely unforgivable.”

We’ve watched the Sea Shepherds do some pretty crazy stuff in their battle against the alleged whalers. Regardless of who really is at fault in this latest incident, the next season of Whale Wars is sure to be packed with plenty of drama!

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