Add another lawsuit to the Michael Jackson debacle

In latest chapter of the ever-continuing Michael Jackson blame game drama, Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson is now suing AEG Live, Michael Jackson’s promotor, for not holding up their contract obligations to look after the health and well-being of the King of Pop, whose death by overdose was ruled a homicide.  Mrs. Jackson says that if AEG had properly vetted the doctors that were assigned to Michael’s care, someone might have gotten him proper medical treatment instead of just patching him up with enough drugs so that he could make it to the next rehearsal.

To me it’s crazy just how much finger-pointing is going on, especially considering that none of it is going to bring Michael Jackson back.  The demise of Jackson was not something that happened overnight – his life was micromanaged from the time he was a small boy, and no one did anything to alleviate the immense stress of superstardom.  Then when Jackson was old enough and wealthy enough, he made sure he was constantly surrounded by yes-men who would continue to enable the self-destructive behaviors he developed as a response to the pressure he could never escape from.  This went on unimpeded for five decades, and it’s a bit late to be fighting about it now.  Nonetheless, where there’s money to be had, let there be lawsuits