Michael Jackson’s now single is out

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably already head that there’s a new Michael Jackson album coming out, simply entitled Michael.  The first single from the album, “Hold My Hand,” is out now, and it’s a pretty catchy tune.  It’s a duet with producer and musician Akon, and they seem to blend well together in this collaboration.

Obviously it’s still not going to hold a candle to Michael’s stellar classics of the ’70s and ’80s, but for a dead guy with a finite amount of chart life left, it’s a pretty decent effort.  And of course the sales will be through the roof as this single flies off the shelves – Michael has such a dedicated fan base that they could put out a recording of him coughing and it would go straight to number one.

Nelly’s New Video: “Body On Me” w/ Ashanti & Akon

Here’s a Snarktune to kick of your weekend with a really cool groove! Nelly premiered his new video for “Body On Me” featuring Ashanti and Akon tonight on “FNMTV”, Pete Wentz’s new gig on MTV. The song is off his new album Brass Knuckles, set to drop September 16th. The video was directed by Benny Boom and shot at the Red Rock Casino, Resort, & Spa in Las Vegas. Nice to see some more videos back on MTV! So, have a mojito for Snarkista, and chill with Nelly!