Alaskan camping not Kate Gosselin’s cup of tea

Sarah Palin’s Alaska is not something I’d normally tune in to watch, but when Kate Gosselin shows up, you know there’s bound to be ridiculous drama there, so I made an exception.  I wasn’t disappointed!  Gosselin made a complete fool of herself right from the beginning, agreeing to the camping trip knowing that it was in Alaska, and then complaining the entire time that it was… a camping trip in Alaska.

She whined that her toes were cold, she whined about being bitten by bugs, she whined about the lack of paper towels, and then in true Gosselin style, she gave up even before the day was out and took the kids back to the airport, despite the fact that everyone aside from Kate was having a great time.  For someone who really needs to improve her public image, she’s heading completely in the opposite direction.

Save Bjork!

Holy popsicle, Iceland is in BIG trouble! Seems the tiny homeland of quirky singer Bjork is in danger of going BANKRUPT. Iceland only has 330,000 people, and a Gross Domestic Product of just $14 billion. They currently have debt in excess of $100 billion. That adds up to some scary math. Little Iceland’s banks decided, like virtually every other bank in the world, to gamble in the global derivatives markets. Basically, they played with virtually no money down, which works great when the markets are going up. They aren’t going up anymore.

Now Iceland seeks to rescue all of its collapsed banks, Kaupthing, Landsbanki, Glitnir, Straumur-Burdaras, Exista and Spron. The shares of the banks have already been suspended from trading, while the politicians try to rescue them potential bankruptcy. Big meltdown alert, and not from global warming! Iceland would be the first country to go bankrupt from all of the global credit crunch. Maybe Bjork should move to Alaska.