Senator John Kerry’s Daughter Arrested on DUI Charges

Alexandra Forbes Kerry, daughter of Senator John Kerry, was arrested Thursday morning on suspicion of DUI. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, Alexandra Kerry was pulled over for a traffic violation around 12:40 AM in Hollywood, CA.


Police performed a field sobriety test on Kerry after officers suspected she was under the influence. Kerry refused an alcohol screening test and was arrested. A blood test administered at the LAPD’s Hollywood station showed Kerry was barely over the legal limit for blood alcohol levels. The California legal level is .06 and Kerry registered at .08.

Kerry was released on $5,000 bail around 5:30 AM. A court date on the DUI charge is set for Dec. 10. Police have not released any further details about the arrest at this point.

Alexandra Forbes Kerry, a film director/producer is the oldest daughter of former Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.  We’re sure daddy is so NOT going to be pleased.

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