Alexis Knapp wants money now

Alexis Knapp, the actress who used to date Ryan Phillippe and is now pregnant, says that Ryan’s offer to give her child support after a paternity test is not good enough.  She says she’s struggling financially right now, and wants Ryan to start helping her out immediately with things like medical bills and buying things to prepare for the baby.

Knapp has hired the same lawyer that Kevin Federline had in his divorce from Britney Spears, so clearly she’s serious about getting this money.  Ryan says he’s not planning on forking anything over until he knows for sure if the baby is his.  Knapp claims there’s zero chance that it’s not his, and she wants to force Ryan to give her money right now.

Ryan Phillippe: a dad to be?

Alexis Knapp, who was seeing Ryan Phillippe off and on for a while, is now pregnant, and given how far along she is in her pregnancy, it seems likely that the baby is Ryan’s.  Knapp is due to deliver in June, and according to her, that means the babydaddy has to be Ryan.

Ryan says he’s happy to take a paternity test after the baby is born, and if it is indeed his child, he says he’s ready to man up and take care of the baby in whatever way is appropriate.  Obviously he and Knapp have some talking to do – no word yet on whether his role would be personal, or just financial.