Alicia Keys Belts National Anthem At Super Bowl 2013, Video

Alicia Keys belts National Anthem at Super Bowl 2013, video below.  Alicia Keys sang the national anthem before Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday. The Grammy winner’s rendition featured not just her voice, but also a piano performance. Seated at the piano in a sleeveless maroon gown, she delivered an excellent performance.

Keys sounded at times a bit raspy possibly due to being emotional, but it was a strong, confident and beautiful rendition. With the controversy, it was a rendition that had just enough subtle shakiness and imperfection to confirm that she was in fact singing it live and not to tape.

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Celebrities try to blackmail us into donating money

Here’s another bizarre publicity stunt set to draw attention to a good cause – Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake are going to cease all Twitter and Facebook activity starting Wednesday, as a “digital death” gimmick to promote World AIDS Day.

The plan is that they will not return to their online lives until a million dollars has been raised for Keep a Child Alive.  The campaign features images of the stars posing as dead people in coffins, in a cheesy attempt to lend a visual element to the digital death theme.  I might be more inclined to donate if they promised to stop doing these cheap stunts, or if donating would keep them off the internet for longer intervals.

Alicia Keys loves being a mother

“There is no word to properly describe LOVE, to describe BLISS, to express a FEELING like this!!! Thank U 4 your love, support & prayers!” was the message on Alicia Keys’ Twitter as she popped online to send a quick message to fans after delivering a healthy baby boy last week.  

Her son, Egypt Daoud, was born last Thursday in New York City, and both mother and baby are at home and doing fine, according to reports.  The father of the child, Keys’ husband Kasseem Deam (better known as Beatz), also seems pretty excited, as he expressed this on his own Twitter account: “I’m so thankful for everything I been blessed with in my life wowwwwww!”  

Sounds like they’re having a great time being new parents, and somehow they’re still managing to communicate with fans.