Miley Cyrus Wants To Take It All Off

Industry insiders say Miley Cyrus’ Vanity Fair shoot might have been a well-orchestrated blessing in disguise for the teen star and her career. “I challenge you to show me a child star who really made the transition to adulthood smoothly,” one source tells MSNBC. “Miley doesn’t have plans to leave showbiz any time soon, and to get that big ‘grown-up’ part, she needs to start looking like a grownup. That shoot helped.”

Great! Miley’s 15, and the star machine is working overtime to pimp her into a “big grownup”, complete with big grownup roles. Like naked ones. She’s rumored to be interested in the lead role in “Undiscovered Gyrl,” the film version of Allison Burnett’s new novel. Burnett’s agent Richard Abate has reportedly just begun shopping the book manuscript and has yet to secure a deal for the film.

However, a source close to the project says Cyrus is interested in the part, which would be that of “a lovable, lost suburban girl who descends into a life of reckless partying and promiscuity.” The source says if Cyrus did take the part, you’d be seeing a lot more of Cyrus than what appeared in the Vanity Fair photos. “There would definitely be nude scenes,” says the source.

Billy Ray needs an effin’ reality check FAST. Truthfully, it’s probably too late. The machine’s running on it’s own now, and there’s not a lot that pops can do, unless he grows some BALLS and stops Miley from playing a lovable slut.

She’s gonna watch that tween fanbase disappear in a blink, but maybe that’s the big plan. The proverbial horse has left the barn. British moms have had it with her, and American moms aren’t real happy either. Miley’s gotta pay for her massive overhead somehow, so slutting it up some more looks like her next logical step. That sound you just heard was a shot being fired into Hannah Montana.