Katy Perry Slams Kara DioGuardi at American Idol Audition

American Idol guest judge Katy Perry showed her snarky side during last night’s audition round in Los Angeles when she and judge Kara DioGuardi exchanged a few less than polite words. Perry did warn everyone before auditions kicked off that she’s “always been brutally honest,” but it was DioGuardi on the receiving end of her harshest jabs, not the hopeful contestants.

Kara DioGuardi and Katy Perry on 'American Idol' (Fox)
Kara DioGuardi and Katy Perry on 'American Idol' (Fox)

The catfight erupted after Kara DioGuardi gushed wildly over the audition of American Idol wannabe Chris Golightly, who spilled a sad story of his tough childhood to host Ryan Seacrest before he went before the judges. “Chris, you are one of my favorites today, if not my favorite,” DioGuardi said. “You’re the kind of kid who has just enough talent and just enough of a story and pain and stuff that you’ve gone through in your life to really connect with it, and I think you’re only going to get better.”

Barely managing not to roll her eyes, singer Katy Perry smacked back at DioGuardi’s comments, saying: “This is not a Lifetime movie, sweetheart… You have to have talent.” Ouch!

The tension between Katy Perry and Kara DioGuardi only got worse from there. At one point DioGuardi started singing Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” blockbuster hit. Perry responded by interrupting her, saying: “Please stop before I throw my Coke in your face!”

Poor DioGuardi was obviously nursing some hurt feelings over the back and forth with Perry. “We used to be friends,” she whined to the cameras. “We were, like, cool.”

Well, Perry may have been a bit harsh, but we kind of see her point of view. Lavishing praise on a hardly better-than-average singer because he has a sad story and then belting out Perry’s song to her face like she can do it better kind of deserves a bit of smack down in our humble opinion.

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Only 13 Go to Hollywood from American Idol Chicago Auditions

Last night’s American Idol auditions in Chicago were some of the worst of the season so far, with only 13 of 12,000 hopefuls making it through to Hollywood. Although overall the audition show was kind of a downer, guest judge Shania Twain was a treat to watch.

Guest judge Shania Twain on 'American Idol' (Photo: Fox)
Guest judge Shania Twain on 'American Idol' (Photo: Fox)

Normally we tend to think the American Idol judges are a bit harsher on the audition hopefuls than is totally necessary – especially when a contestant obviously has mental issues. (Making fun of the mentally disabled does not make you cool in our book.)

Last night, however, most of the hopeful contestants deserved the criticism. Overall, the talent pool in Chicago for the American Idol auditions just seemed, well, terrible. So we weren’t all that surprised when only 13 out of 12,000 people who showed up actually made it through to Hollywood.

One of the folks we are fond of and hope makes it through to the next round is contestant Angela Martin. Yes, she was one of the requisite “sob stories” of the evening, but in this particular case, that’s okay. Martin has auditioned twice before and even made it to Hollywood in season 7, but the death of her father shook up her performance and she was eliminated. We hope this time around she’ll at least make the top 12.

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