American Idol 2012 Live Finale Recap: Who Won American Idol?

On the American Idol 2012 results show tonight, after five months of grueling competition, an American Idol 2012 winner will finally be crowned. Who won American Idol 2012 all depends on your votes.

Will we finally have a female American Idol winner with Jessica Sanchez after four years of men dominating the finale? Or will Phillip Phillips continue the winning streak and make it a fifth year in a row that a guy has taken home the title. Join us for our American Idol 2012 results show recap and find out with us who won American Idol 2012!


Please beware! This post contains American Idol 2012 spoilers for the final results show! Please STOP reading now if you do now want to know what happened and do not want to know who won American Idol 2012!

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American Idol 2012 Predictions: Who Will Win American Idol Season 11?

On the American Idol 2102 results show for the final two Wednesday night, almost anything could and probably will happen. Despite a majority of American Idol predictions leaning toward Phillip Phillips as the one who will take home the top prize, there is still a strong possibility Jessica Sanchez could walk away as the American Idol 2012 winner against the odds.

Let’s face it, the odds are not in favor of Jessica Sanchez as the winner of American Idol 2012. The American Idol winner for the past four years in a row has been a young, cute, white guy with a guitar. Obviously American voters (especially the all important cellphone toting tweens) love those handsome boys with the golden voices.

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Hailey Reinhart Falls on American Idol, Final 2 Still in Question

After my last post about the American Idol Top 3, one commentor took offense to my classification that both Hailey Reinhart and Lauren Alaina were both blond and it really didn’t seem to matter much who ended up in the finale. After last night’s performances on American Idol, I stand by both statements.

They are both blond. That is not an insult to their intelligence, just a descriptive statement about their appearance. And honestly, I really just couldn’t care less which of them ends up in the American Idol finals. Although personally I’d prefer the two girls than having to listen to Scotty McCreery mangle a song like “She Believes in Me” ever again.

I have nothing against Scotty McCreery, really, he seems like a fine enough guy and a decent enough singer. I just can’t really imagine wanting to buy even one whole album of his voice sounding pretty much exactly the same on every single song that ever passed his lips. Okay, I admit to an anti-country bias, but I love some Bonnie Raitt and Garth Brooks, so it isn’t just that.

If I had to pick a favorite performance from American Idollast night, it would be probably be Haley Reinhart on “What Is and What Should Never Be”, although she didn’t do that badly on “Rhiannon” either. (The wind machine was a bit much though…) As for Haley falling on the stage, I don’t really think it hurt or helped her in the voting arena. It happens, it’s not a big deal, whatever. Regardless of the spill, Haley comes out the winner of the night in my opinion.

Still, Lauren Alaina wasn’t that far behind Haley even if she did miss a key change on “If I Die Young”. However, the songs I just couldn’t stand last night both came from the ladies too. Alaina on “I Hope You Dance” just made me compare her unfavorably the whole time to Lee Ann Womack. As for Reinhart doing Alanis Morisette… it was just unspeakable and I am keeping my mouth shut.

More than likely it will end up being Scotty McCreery and Haley Reinhart duking it out in the American Idol final two. Still, I kind of hope Lauren Alaina will sneak in there and knock Scotty out just to wipe that little smirk off his face he’s had ever since James Durbin got booted.

American Idol Top 3 – Who Will Make the Final 2?

Now that James Durbin has been rudely booted off of American Idol, we are finding it a bit difficult to figure out who exactly is going to end up in the finals. We have a hard time believing country boy Scotty McCreery has even made it this far, much less that America would vote him to the top. Then again, Lauren Alania and Haley Reinhart aren’t exactly who we imagined would be facing off in the final two either.

American Idol Top 3 - FOX

As much as it seems mind-boggling that Scotty McCreery and his deep throat might take the top Idol prize, we are reminded that a huge portion of the U.S. actually likescountry music. Plus, we guess he is kind of cute in his own way. After all, McCreery has never been in the bottom, but both Alania and Reinhart have. The girls are good, we give them that, but neither one of them really screams ‘star power’ to us. At this point, it just kind of feels like a ‘whatever’ in regard to who wins.

If it was a perfect world, we’d be trying to figure out whether James Durbin had the mojo to beat out Pia Toscano‘s hot body (and golden voice) in the finals. Alas, it is very hard to make any kind of predictions in a land where Taylor Hicks and Kris Allen are winners while Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert are losers…

In the end, if we HAVE to make a prediction, we’ll at least call it for Scotty McCreery to make it through to the final two. Just because he’s a guy. As for the girls, well, they are both blond. Does it really matter?