Did American Idol’s Jermaine Jones Deserve Elimination?

American Idol┬áseason 11 contestants were shocked last night when one of their own was thrown off the show over his undisclosed criminal history and multiple outstanding warrants. Fans of Jermaine Jones, nicknamed the ‘gentle giant’ by host Ryan Seacrest, were extremely upset by the soulful singer’s elimination from American Idol last night.

You kind of want to feel both bad or and angry at Jermaine Jones for getting booted on American Idol last night because of his criminal past. Considering the show’s previous history with having to throw off people over their troubles with the law, I’m pretty sure Jones was asked directly at some point if he had ever been arrested or had any outstanding warrants. Actually, I’m quite surprised that American Idol didn’t turn up all this junk earlier. His fellow contestants were also rather stunned by this, according to fellow contestant Erika Van Pelt.

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