American Idol Top 9 Prepare for Elvis Night

American Idol is bringing back Elvis Presley theme week for the first time since season five on Tuesday night. We just find it vastly amusing that Adam Lambert is serving as guest mentor this week. After all, Elvis Presley was pretty controversial and often quite racy himself back in the day. And Adam Lambert can certainly shake those hips just as much as Elvis did!

American Idol Top 9 (FOX)
American Idol Top 9 (FOX)

So what’s the scoop on what the contestants will be performing on American Idol 2012 for Elvis week? Well, we can’t tell you what songs they’ll be singing, but rumor has it Tuesday night is going to be very interesting indeed.

Casey James is reportedly planning an upbeat number accompanied by acoustic guitar while Andrew Garcia may be going instrument free and is practicing some new dance moves for his performance. Siobhan Magnus apparently gave some very strong vocals during rehearsals, but her song choice may not please the judges.

Katie Stevens has reportedly decided to belt her way through the week, while Michael Lynche is rumored to be going kind of “folksy” for performance night. Lee Dewyze is taking on a bit of grunge while Tim Urban is going for a sweet, ballad-like jaunt on stage.

Crystal Bowersox and Aaron Kelly will reportedly be rocking it out for the night. Bowersox will be bringing an electric guitar to the stage and showing off that powerful vocal range. Kelly is also supposedly ready to rock and as well, but we’ll see whether or not he can pull it off.

We’re looking forward to seeing what the American Idol Top 9 have in store for us tonight. We can only hope that Elvis week and Adam Lambert’s mentoring will bring out the best in the contestants!

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