American Idol’s Crystal Bowersox Returns After Mysterious Hospitalization

American Idol contestant Crystal Bowersox was hospitalized on Tuesday with a mysterious ailment, prompting a last minute switch to feature the male performers on last night’s show. Although little information has been revealed about why Bowersox was rushed to the hospital, the Los Angeles Times reports she will most likely be returning to the stage Wednesday night.

Crystal Bowersox on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Crystal Bowersox on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Tuesday on American Idol was supposed to be the night for the top 10 women to compete, but it was the men who ended up showboating for votes instead. 24-year-old contestant Crystal Bowersox was suddenly rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after falling ill. No official information about her condition was released, but it is suspected she may have been suffering from a complication of diabetes.

Some American Idol fans have called the decision to move the boys to perform a day early unfair to both the male and female contestants. The men lost a day of rehearsal and the women may be feeling producers displayed favoritism toward Crystal Bowersox by delaying their performances.

Although Bowersox will reportedly be appearing to compete tonight on the show, not everyone involved with American Idol seems comfortable with the decision to allow her to continue. American Idol producer Ken Warwick spoke to host Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday morning, hinting that the decision to let Bowersox return is not an easy one. “If you’re in the Olympics and you’re going for the semi-final, for the final, if you don’t turn up, you don’t get straight through to the final,” Warwick said.

The official decision on Bowersox’s return to the stage Wednesday night will reportedly be handed down by the doctors. If for some reason they do not pass her to perform, she could find herself out of luck and booted from the competition for good.

Personally, we hope she gets another chance. The contestant field is none too strong this year and she’s frankly one of our favorites for the top 10. If the other contestants feel pissed off because she wasn’t booted out for getting sick, well, that’s just because they know she’s a threat.

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