Selena Gomez Doctor Visit After Justin Bieber Hook Up at AMAs

The alleged reconciliation between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez was briefly interrupted Monday morning when Gomez rushed off to a Los Angeles’ doctor’s office. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reportedly spent the evening together after the American Music Awards. The morning after, Selena Gomez was reportedly not feeling so hot and decided to get checked out by a doctor. Fear not, Selena Gomez fans, the lovely lady is reportedly going to be just fine.

Sources close to Selena Gomez reportedly told she has been suffering from a sore throat and was worried she might have contracted strep. According to the tabloid site, Selena’s stepfather has been sick and she is concerned she might have caught something.

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J.Lo is Accessory at American Music Awards

Do people even expect much of J.Lo any more? Probably not, but you would likely expect someone known for their voice to be more than an accessory for a car on a nationally televised awards so. But maybe that’s too much to hope for. When J.Lo sang “On the Floor,” not only did it inspire remarks such as “embarrassing” and “cringe-inducing” but she was basically playing second fiddle to a car. Her song is showcased in a car commercial – which might have been the reason or inspiration for the performance – and when the  actual commercial ran not too long after the performance, there was hardly any difference between the two.

For something slightly less nauseating, we had to turn to Nicki Minaj (oh the irony) who won two awards and began to cry a bit in her acceptance speech. She may be outrageous, but at least she isn’t being upstaged by a car.

Justin Bieber makes confusing comment, gives more confusing explanation

Justin Bieber was probably a bit flustered last night with all the awards he won, including artist of the year, and during one of his acceptance speeches he said something that left people a bit bewildered – namely, that none of us would be here if it weren’t for Michael Jackson.

The way he said it, many people thought that Bieber was trying to say that Jackson was some sort of god, responsible for the existence of several billion people, but Bieber laughed at the confusion later and tried to clarify.  He said that he hadn’t meant that Michael was anyone’s father, and that of course we’d all still be here even if it weren’t for Michael.  Glad we got that cleared up, then.

American Music Awards full of great performances

Last night’s American Music Award ceremony was one of the best I can remember in several years.  A lot of great things happened on that stage, including a great performance from Taylor Swift, who looked completely different with straight hair.

Rihanna’s opening medley was a mixture of fun and serious, but later in the show New Kids on the Block teamed up with Backstreet Boys to keep it all light and fun, giving a hint of what their tour will be like next year.  For me, though, the performance of the night was the Black Eyed Peas – even though I don’t have a lot of love for Fergie, I have to admit their future-tastic neon performance was pretty cool, if not a bit dated.

Chris Brown Wins Big At The American Music Awards; Kanye Not TOO Pissed!

Youth was the word at last night’s American Music Awards, where 19 year-old Chris Brown took home three of the pointy prizes, including the top award: Artist Of The Year. The AMA’s also provided no less than 19 live performances (none from Chris) but most of them didn’t suck!

Christina Aguilera kicked off the show with a medley highlighting her greatest hits, which are not coincidently on her new “Greatest Hits” album. The fact that Christina has a “Greatest Hits” album makes Snarkista feel pretty dang old.

Miley Cyrus
tore up “Fly On The Wall” ,with some freaky space-bots, on her 16th Birthday.

Sarah McLaughlin was joined by Pink, who put some grit into a nice duet on “Angel”

The amazing Annie Lennox won the Award Of Merit, and gave a fab performance of “Why”:

Taylor Swift was introduced by David Cook (heart!) and sang “White Horse”:

Beyonce shook her booty on “Single Ladies”- she’s had a lot of practice with this one, but at least she left the bionic hand at home!

KANYE WEST WON AN AWARD! HE NEEDS TO BE HAPPY! (ALL-CAPS IN HONOR OF KANYE.) However, Kanye “wants to be Elvis”. DUDE. At least he didn’t punch anyone. Here are the rest of last night’s winners:


Favorite Male Artist: Chris Brown
Favorite Female Artist: Rihanna
Favorite Band, Duo, or Group: Daughtry
Favorite Album: Alicia Keys, As I Am

Favorite Male Artist: Brad Paisley
Favorite Female Artist: Taylor Swift
Favorite Band, Duo, or Group: Rascal Flatts
Favorite Album: Carrie Underwood, Carnival Ride

Favorite Male Artist: Kanye West
Favorite Band, Duo, or Group: Three 6 Mafia
Favorite Album: Kanye West, Graduation

Favorite Male Artist: Chris Brown
Favorite Female Artist: Mary J Blige
Favorite Album: Alicia Keys, As I Am

Jonas Brothers

Favorite Artist: Third Day

Favorite Artist: Linkin Park

Favorite Artist: Jordin Sparks

Favorite Album: Alvin & The Chipmunks

Favorite Artist: Enrique Iglesias

Artist of the Year: Chris Brown