Dad Thinks Amy Winehouse New Boobs Are Great

There are some things a father should just avoid saying about his daughter. Mitch Winehouse managed to violate that rule spectacularly when he recently boasted daughter Amy Winehouse‘s new boobs are awesome.


In an interview on the British TV Show This Morning, Mitch Winehouse suffered an extreme moment of lack of taste by saying his daughter was doing “Fantastic,” and then adding, “Her boobs are great as well.”

Realizing quickly that he himself sounded like a great boob, Winehouse said sheepishly, “I shouldn’t have said that should I?” Um. No.

At least daddy Winehouse said he didn’t pay for his daughter’s new breasts, which would have been even more seriously disturbing. Though he did basically call Amy Winehouse a mooch. “Whenever I see her, she says, ‘Dad can you give me a couple of hundred.’ [But] I didn’t have to pay for the boobs.”

Personally, we don’t agree with Mitch Winehouse and his aberrant opinion of his daughter’s boobs.  Before the new boobs, Amy Winehouse just usually looked like a wasted crack whore. Now she looks like a wasted crack whore who stole Anna Nicole Smith‘s boobs. Not an improvement. We’d demand a refund.

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