Amy Winehouse Is Stuck On The Sweets

Snarkista told you about Amy Winehouse’s cotton candy machine in her house…the one that got spiked with cocaine by her friend. Shameful. Now it seems having one pure sugar source in the house isn’t enough for Wino. She’s turning her pad into a carnival of candy! Amy’s spent thousands of dollars to make her very own sweet shop at home.

The little junkie has the pink “candy floss maker” (cotton candy machine), a $2,000 Slush Puppy machine and an old-fashioned sweet counter with jars of candy to decorate her Camden home. This could be an improvement decoration-wise, as Amy’s flat is basically decorated with ciggy butts and crack pipes.

Friends say she’s is obsessed with sweets and worry that her sugar binges aren’t good for her already fragile health. Ya think? Junkies are known for their sweets cravings, so it’s no surprise that Amy’s always seen eating SOME kind of candy. Her teeth are gonna fall out twice as fast, so her dentist is gonna be one busy guy. She’s already had some of them replaced, but she will wake up one afternoon with a handful of them on the couch.

Amy’s friends and family are afraid of her temper and stubbornness about her addictions. She won’t stay in rehab long enough to even quit the shakes. The sweets are just another red flag that Amy needs HELP! The only way she’ll get it is to be committed. Somebody’s gonna have to toss her in and lock the door. They COULD toss in some candy, though. The sweets addiction is the least of her problems. Maybe they could find some with vitamins in it.