Amy Winehouse Punked Into Hiding Out In Rehab

Amy Winehouse was supposed to show up to court of Friday to answer charges of assaulting a fan. (She punched the girl in the nose.) The Crackie of Camden was too messed up to know it. It takes a degree in advanced math to keep track of the idiotic things Amy’s done in public…including spitting on Prince William’s potential sister-in-law at the same party. So goeth life in Amyland.

The judge was none too pleased by Amy’s absence in court, and warned her she better show up next time! Amy was probably unconscious in an alley during this lecture. When she did come to, she was riding in a cab to rehab! Or, as enabler-papa Mitch calls it: “treatment for a chest infection.”

Amy yukked it up and rolled around in the back of the cab until…crap. Look at her expression up there. She ain’t laughing any more. Punked!

Amy NEEDS to be locked UP in rehab for about 5 years. Unfortunately, this will probably be another 5 hour stay. Snarkista HOPES she is wrong about this. If Amy does stay a bit longer, maybe they could bring in a dentist to bleach those yellow chompers of hers! You know, before they ALL fall out. Just a thought.