Amy Winehouse Had No Illegal Drugs In Body At Time of Death

Amy Winehouse had no illegal drugs in her system at the time of her death, toxicology results from the British singer’s autopsy have revealed. Winehouse had consumed alcohol, but it has not yet been determined if it played a part in her cause of death.

“Toxicology results returned to the Winehouse family by authorities have confirmed that there were no illegal substances in Amy’s system at the time of her death,” a statement released by Winehouse’s family said. “Results indicate that alcohol was present but it cannot be determined as yet if it played a role in her death.”

“The family would like to thank the police and coroner for their continuing thorough investigations and for keeping them informed throughout the process. They await the outcome of the inquest in October,” the statement concluded.

Amy Winehouse was found dead at the age of 27 by a bodyguard at London flat in the Cambden district on July 23. Police officials have stated no illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia was found in her home. Winehouse had reportedly had a positive check up by a doctor the night before she died.

“She was in her bedroom after saying she wanted to sleep, and when he went to wake her, [the bodyguard] found she wasn’t breathing,” Winehouse’s representative Chris Goodman told the Sun. “He called the emergency services straight away. He was very shocked. At this stage no one knows how she died. She died alone in bed.”

Amy Winehouse Autopsy Reveals Little About Singer’s Death

No official cause of death has been determined from the Amy Winehouse autopsy, which was conducted in London on Monday. The coroner will now have to wait two to four weeks for toxicology results to come back. Meanwhile, new details have been brought to light about the British singer’s final hours.

Amy Winehouse died in her bed at her London home in Cambden Square, according representative Chris Goodman. Goodman said on Monday that a bodyguard had been hired to keep watch over Winehouse and he was the one who found her body. Coroner’s officer Sharon Duff said the the “scene was investigated by police and determined non-suspicious.”

“She was in her bedroom after saying she wanted to sleep, and when he went to wake her he found she wasn’t breathing,” Goodman told MTV News. “He called the emergency services straight away. He was very shocked. At this stage no one knows how she died. She died alone in bed.”

After making an official identification of the singer’s body, Winehouse’s parents stopped by her flat in Cambden, where a shrine to Winehouse continues to grow. Among the candles and flowers, fans also left boxes of cigarettes and bottles of liquor.

Amy Winehouse’s father told a crowd of fans and media that his daughter “was about one thing, and that was love.” Mitch Winehouse said Winehouse’s “whole life was devoted to her family, friends, and to you guys as well. We’re devastated and I’m speechless, but thanks for coming.”

According to her family, Amy Winehouse had received a clean bill of a health from a doctor on Friday. Winehouse battled severe drug and alcohol addictions much of her life. She had allegedly sought treatment for these addictions as recently as last month.

Amy Winehouse’s Songs Rejected By Her Label


Amy Winehouse has started recording her third studio album, but her label, Island/Universal Records, reportedly have rejected her new songs, according to The Sun.

“The lyrics are very dark indeed. Everyone understands that Amy is an artist and she must be true to her instincts,” the source further explains to the publication. “In the past, she’s written frequently about broken hearts and boyfriends, but this time round she’s delving into harrowing terrain.”

Because she spent the past few months terrorizing the peaceful island of St. Lucia, Wino has “ditched her trademark vintage soul sound and is now heavily influenced by reggae.” The source adds, “Her bosses don’t think it’s a wise move to change her style so sharply and have told her that.
Amy’s FORGOTTEN her trademark style, fools! She can’t remember what she did yesterday! Maybe Wino’s label should try some Aricept to see if they can jog her memory. Hey, it works for Snarkista’s granny!

Amy Winehouse Tricked Into Taking Drugs?

LATEST UPDATE: Amy Winehouse Autopsy Reveals Little About Singer’s Death

Amy Winehouse
has a cotton candy machine that she adores. Junkies LOVE sweets…so Amy’s up in the cotton candy all the time. Enter drugged-up Pete Doherty’s Babyshambles bandmate Mik Whitnall who reportedly TRICKED Amy into taking drugs. What a great friend! London’s News Of The World quotes one of Amy’s friends saying:

It was Mik’s idea. The candyfloss machine was Amy’s pride and joy and he thought it would be funny to give it a boost. He and some pals sprinkled a wrap of coke into the mixture and Amy started eating it before she realized what they’d done.

Ah, fun with carnival food. Amy’s “friends” don’t seem to have Amy’s best interests in mind…shocker. Amy’s the one with the cash for the stash! If she gets sober, the party will have to move on down the road. Now Amy’s reportedly back on the coke, (not that she’s been off of it for more than a week).

Apparently they don’t have an “involuntary psychiatric commitment” in Great Britain like Britney Spears had here. Amy’s getting thinner by the hour, and if someone doesn’t intervene soon, she will literally shrink away. She’s one hit away from the grim reaper as it is. Papa Mitch and Mama Janis need to pull their collective heads out and lock Amy up. With friends like hers… who needs suicide?

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