Amy Winehouse Got Trashed And Went To The Hospital Again

amy-winehouse-s-lucia-permAmy Wino’s been terrorizing the Caribbean isle of St. Lucia while attempting some DIY rehab. Except in Amy’s rehab you get to smoke pot and drink. Amy majorly overtreated herself and turned into a “shaking mess”, necessitating a trip to the hospital.

A source told The Sun that: “she looked in a terrible state, a shaking mess. The people with her were very concerned.”

A spokesman for Amy admitted she was in hospital. He said she had run out of a drug replacement she has been using. No weed in the Caribbean?! Must be climate change.

Wino always takes a licking that would kill a normal person, but she keeps on (literally) kicking. When she sneezes, it snows in the Caribbean. Ganja men get ready, because Amy’s doing great and she’ll be busting out of the hospital soon! And she’s out of weed. Remember the kicking part.