Ted Koppel Son Dead After Alleged Drinking Binge

Nightline anchor Ted Koppel‘s son, 40-year-old Andrew Koppel, was found dead Monday morning in a New York City apartment. Andrew Koppel had allegedly spent the night before on a drinking binge. The official cause of Koppel’s death has not yet been determined.

Ted Koppel (Photo: Timbrauhn - Wikimedia Commons)
Ted Koppel (Photo: Timbrauhn - Wikimedia Commons)

Police were called to a Washington Heights apartment early Monday morning around 1:30 AM where they found Andrew Koppel unconscious and unresponsive. Rescue personnel were unable to revive him.

Koppel had allegedly been out drinking heavily the night before his death and went to the apartment with a man he met at a bar named Russell Wimberly. “We got to talking and he started buying me drinks,” Wimberly told the New York Post.

After drinking for hours, Wimberly told the Post he and Koppel went to an apartment of one of his friends to sleep it off. Wimberly said he and the woman who lived at the apartment late discovered Koppel seemed to have stopped breathing and called 911.

Koppel reportedly lived in Queens with his girlfriend and young daughter.

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