Anna Nicole Smith Murder Plot Investigation Revealed by FBI

A newly released report by the FBI reveals Anna Nicole Smith was investigated in 2000 over an alleged murder plot to kill the son of her late husband. According to the report, Anna Nicole Smith was interrogated about her possible involvement in a plan to kill her step-son, E. Pierce Marshall Jr.


At the time of the investigation, Marshall Jr. was involved in a nasty battle with Smith over his late father’s enormous fortune. Anna Nicole Smith married E. Pierce Marshall Sr. after meeting him at a strip club. The 89-year-old multi-millionaire died just a year later.

According to FBI documents, Smith was questioned by authorities about an alleged murder-for-hire plot to get rid of Marshall Jr. Police also searched Smith’s home and confiscated a handgun and a knife, which were later returned.

No evidence was ever found to support the claim Smith was trying to off her rival for her late husband’s fortune. Smith reportedly denied any involvement in a murder plot against her step-son, allegedly breaking down in tears over the accusations.

Marshall Jr. died in 2006. Smith died a year later from a drug overdose.