Anne Curtis Swimsuit Malfunction Publicity Stunt or Sad Slip?

Filipino-Australian actress and model Anne Curtis was the victim of an unfortunate swimsuit malfunction last weekend during an ASAP XV musical variety show in the Philippines. As usual, photos and video of the wardrobe malfunction quickly spread across the Net like wildfire. While Curtis says she is horrified by the accident, some are not convinced the nip-slip wasn’t just a way to get a little extra attention.

Anne Curtis (ASAP XV)
Anne Curtis (ASAP XV)

Actress Anne Curtis, who has starred in a number of popular Philippine films, claims the swimsuit malfunction that left her breast exposed in front of a large crowd in Boracay was a terrible experience. “It really was an accident that happened,” Curtis said in an interview following the incident. The young actress and TV host said she ran backstage after her bikini came loose and started crying.

Some are claiming, however, that the ‘nip-slip’ was actually a publicity stunt to drum up interest in her upcoming new film Babe, I Love You. Curtis’ co-star in her new film, Sam Milby, said such rumors are ridiculous. “Who would want to expose themselves for a publicity stunt?”

Well, we have to say there are plenty of ladies out there who would be more than happy to ‘accidently’ show off their assets to drum up publicity (and have). In this case, however, we think it was probably just an accident. Accident or not, however, the public loves nothing more than seeing any kind of celebrity from anywhere in the world caught in an embarrassing moment on video.

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