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Anne Hathaway Comes To Her Senses!

FINALLY! Snarkista URGED Anne awhile back to kick her shady Eurotrash boyfriend to the curb. The classy actress has finally done just that, ending her four year relationship with Italian-American businessman Raffaello Follieri, 29, over the weekend.

The Get Smart star’s decision follows over a year of scandal linked to Follieri. He’s had to settle some MAJOR bounced checks, and at least 2 huge lawsuits. Last week, it was reported his “charity”, Follieri Foundation, which funded vaccination programs in developing countries, was being investigated by the New York State Attorney General’s Office.

I have a strong suspicion that the AG’s gonna find some stinky stuff going on in that foundation. As Follieri has only been in the U.S. less than 4 years, he probably thought he’d be under the radar by using his charity as another shell. Charities technically belong to the public, and, as such are under the AG’s control. You do NOT want to mess with the Attorney General’s office!

Snarkista is absolutely thrilled with this news. Lovely Anne is FAR too fine for such sludge! Here’s hoping the AG sends his ass on a slow boat back to Europe. Or Gitmo!

Anne Hathaway Could Do SO Much Better!

WHY is lovely Anne Hathaway sticking with her bad-boy boyfriend Raffaello Follieri? Follieri has BIG financial scandal baggage, the latest being his arrest last month for writing a $215,000 hot check. Manhattan DA’s dropped the charges yesterday after Follieri reimbursed the funds to New Jersey businessman John Morrongiello. Boyfriend has been in the U.S. less than 4 years, but is obviously a fast mover! Follieri had to agree to settle another 1.3 million dollar lawsuit last month!

Anne! SNAP OUT OF IT! Whatever issues you have with your mom, dad, old boyfriends, teachers, yada yada- that are compelling you to rebel with shady Eurotrash- get over ’em! “The Princess Diaries” are not about Princess Stephanie of Monaco! You need to Audrey Hep back up fast. This guy’s gonna steal you blind.

You have great taste, and rarely trip up on the red carpet. Get ahold of yourself and slip out of his greasy grasp! Hollywood needs you to balance out Paris and Bai Ling! Put your tiara on and write him off as “wild oats”. Call Julie Andrews if you have to.