Rep. Anthony Weiner Wife Pregnant, New X-Rated Photo Surfaces

Representative Anthony Weineris facing a war on two fronts after after confessing he lied about sending sexy pics of himself to strangers he met online. With reports coming out now that his wife is pregnant and another — this time X-Rated — photo of the congressman hitting the Net, it’s looking pretty bloody for Weiner all around.

Rep. Anthony D. Weiner, Source:

At home, Anthony Weiner has to deal with his pregnant wife, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Several sources close to the family have confirmed to the press that Huma is recently knocked up. Weiner says he and his wife do not plan to split over this whole sex scandal drama. Even so, we’re pretty sure she’s none too thrilled to be in the early stages of pregnancy and having her husband Tweeting crotch shots of himself to random girls. Especially now that another photo allegedly showing Weiner’s whole package in naked glory has been published on the Net.  We are NOT going to be showing that Anthony Weiner nude photo on this site, lol, but we’ll give you a creepy pic of Anthony Weiner shirtless if you must ogle.

Rep. Anthony Weiner shirtless - ewwwww

On the job, Rep. Weiner is faced with an increasingly loud call to resign from his position in the House. “In light of Anthony Weiner’s offensive behavior online,” Pennsylvania Rep. Allyson Schwartz said in a press statement, “he should resign.” Representative Mike Rossof Arkansas said he is “very disappointed” in Weiner’s actions and thinks “he should resign immediately.”

Weiner, however, says while he did indeed peddle pics of his dick around the Net, that doesn’t mean he should resign his position. “No, I’m not resigning,” Weiner said in a press statement on Tuesday night.