Rep. Anthony Weiner Resigns And Takes His Package Elsewhere

Representative Anthony Weiner resigns today at last! Weiner has finally decided to call it quits and announced his resignation today, despite repeatedly saying he would not step down. House Democrats have been calling for Anthony Weiner to resign since news broke he had been exchanging racy pics and messages with strangers over the Internet.

Watch the Anthony Weiner resignation press conference video here.

Rep. Anthony Weiner told House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday that he would be handing in his resignation at last, according to CBS News. Weiner had previously avowed that he had not done anything that merited him stepping down from his post in the House of Representatives. He did, however, request a temporary leave of absence to “map out a course of treatment” for his sex issues. On Thursday, he reversed his previous stance and announced he would be resigning from the House of Representatives effective immediately.

“Today I announce my resignation, so my colleagues can get back to work and my neighbors choose a new representative,” Anthony Weiner said at his press conference this afternoon. Even after everything though, Weiner pretty much said he is resigning because of “the distraction that I have created” with his sexting scandal, not because he did anything all that wrong.

First of all, sending lewd messages and naked Weiner photos of yourself to random people while you are married to a pregnant wife seems pretty wrong to me. Lying about it and blaming the first pic that got leaked on a hacker though, that was the really low part. Like John Edwards, Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods, the sin of lying about being a sleazebag was far worse to many than actually being a douche in the first place. Then of course, Anthony Weiner was also allegedly sent icky pics and messages to at least one underage girl. That is just truly disgusting.

Yet none of that was apparently enough to get Anthony Weiner to resign until now, even after most of America has seen him shirtless or worse in all those nasty photos going around. We wonder if perhaps it was his former online stripper friend that finally did him in.

Porn actress & stripper Ginger Lee has revealed that Weiner tried several times to get his sexy on with her, but she refused. She allegedly just wanted to talk about politics, but he kept trying to change the subject to sex. “I have wardrobe demands too. I need to highlight my package,” Weiner allegedly said to her in one message. “Alright, my package and I are not going to beg,” another one allegedly read. Can we just say we’re glad that Anthony Weiner and his package will no longer be representing the American public in the House of Representatives?

Even Ginger Lee, a porn star and stripper — which we assume means she’s a pretty sexually liberated being — said she thought Weiner should resign. Now that’s just harsh. Although perhaps not quite as harsh as President Barack Obama telling NBC that “if it was me, I would resign.” When the President himself is calling you out personally,  well, maybe it is indeed time to hand in your resignation. In the end though, it was reportedly actually Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, that really got him to give up the ghost, according to the International Business Times.

So long Mr. Weiner and good riddance. We hope once you are out of the spotlight, your poor wife can get on with the business of divorcing you and taking everything you have with glee.