Insanity And Chaos At “America’s Next Top Model” Auditions- Video!

Pandemonium erupted outside of an “America’s Next Top Model” casting call in midtown Manhattan Saturday, when an overheating car triggered a stampede of catwalk-wannabees. Screaming as they ran for their lives, hundreds of hotties in heels toppled over barricades along W. 55th St. after several people in the crowd started yelling, “There’s a bomb!” OR, was it “There’s a blonde?!” Deep thoughts.

As the girls stumbled over police barricades, witnesses told a local radio station that the chaos was compounded after a man jumped out of a car and started grabbing purses. In the end, 6 people were injured, 3 were arrested, and stilettos and clothing littered the street. It’s the recession, yo.