Twilight Star Ashley Greene Nude Photos Real?

Another day, another celebrity fighting rumors of letting racy pictures get leaked to the Net. This time, it’s alleged nude photos of Twilight star Ashley Greene stirring up scandal.

Ashley Greene as Alice in "Twilight"
Ashley Greene as Alice in "Twilight"

Just last week, more leaked nude photos of Disney star Vanessa Hudgens were all the rage. But now celebrity gawkers have a new set of racy nude pics to drool over – Twilight star Ashley Greene. Or, at least, someone who looks remarkably like her.

Ashley Greene, who plays Alice in the Twilight films, may have just picked up a Teen Choice Award for Fresh Face Female, but today, it’s not her face people are caring much about.

We’re hoping Ashley Greene really wasn’t stupid enough to actually photo herself in the buff – considering how obviously idiotic that would be – and the nude pictures are fakes. But since we unfortunately have not seen Greene naked, we can’t judge for sure.

However, Greene’s lawyers are now going after any site posting the photos and spanking them with threatening legal letters to get them removed. So we can probably assume that they are indeed legit. (Sorry, the site we had linked to with the photos has now taken them down – but a little hunting should turn them up if you really absolutely must see Greene starkers.)

Maybe Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford can answer the question of whether or not the Ashley Greene nude pics are 100% real – or if maybe Greene took them for his viewing pleasure? After all, he was caught snogging the Twilight babe just this morning by paparazzi cameras in the backseat of a car at LAX, according to