Audrina Patridge Topless Photos Heat Up Maxim

The Hills star Audrina Patridge topless photos will heat up the latest issue of Maxim, coming out later this month. Audrina Patridge, who recently announced she’ll be leaving The Hills, goes topless in the new issue of Maxim and shares her annoyance about all the plastic surgery rumors she can’t seem to escape.

Audrina Patridge Maxim Cover
Audrina Patridge Maxim Cover

Audrina Patridge graces the cover of the September issue of Maxim clad only in a miniscule bikini, but she’s wearing even less inside the pages. Patridge goes topless, though sadly covered by her arms, in the photo spread by photographer Steve Shaw.

After leaving The Hills, Patridge is planning on launching her own reality show, which she says is a “behind-the-scenes look at my life in L.A.” according to her interview with Maxim.

In the interview, Patridge denies having had plastic surgery on her face, but apparently manages to skirt the issue of whether those perky exposed breasts have been medically enhanced…

Check out a preview of the Maxim interview and Audrina Patridge topless photos here.